Saturday, April 15, 2017

The 30 Day Challenge in 5 Posts Or Less

The 30 Day post challenge was issued like two weeks ago.  I've wanted to jump in too, but have had so much post material already with all the trades and purchases I've been making, I kinda missed the starting gun.  So here is my condensed version to catch up a bit....

#1 - Current year card with great photo.

While looking through this year's flagship set for nice pictures, I am struck by the fact that I think I liked last year's much better.  I remember some of the Orioles especially having epic stadium shots and cool (as well as different) angles in last year's set.  Most of the base cards are plain action shots this time.  This one is perfect, though. 

#2 - Multi-player card.

This is about as multi-player as it gets.  Would really love to know the back story on why the Cubs always had the floating heads on their team cards in the 70's.  This is the 1971 team card - the only one without the team name on the front.  I just wanted to scan it to see if you can read the names and see the faces better.

#3 - Card from the first set you finished.
I'm assuming all these answers have to be baseball.  1980 Topps is the first baseball set I finished.  1979 Topps football is the first set of any kind I completed.  Foster is simply a badass.

#4 - Rookie card of one of your favorite players.

This is my copy of Luis Tiant's '65 rookie.  He signed it for me in Chantilly.  I was like third in line.  For some reason, he didn't seem to be in that great of a mood that morning.  I hope to meet him again when he's happier about it.

#5 - Certified auto of one of your favorites.

Kinda cheated on this one.  This is the rainbow (so far) of this auto of Brian Matusz.  He is one of my more obscure player collections.  I saw him pitch in my hometown minor league park, and then saw his MLB debut vs. Detroit while visiting in Michigan.  Unfortunately, he's experienced shall we say, a decline in his performance in the last couple years.

#6 - A card that cost you more than $10.

This one cost me $60 at the National several years ago.  Looking at current eBay prices for even comparable condition ones, I think I got a deal.  Not a bad looking card overall for a 10 grade.

Next batch will probably be #7 through #15. 

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Love that McGraw! #collectvintage