Monday, August 28, 2017

And Of Course, The Dupes (100th regular post)

As with any show I go to, I inevitably buy cards that I already have, or buy the same card twice.  I've shown this many times, and this year's National, plus the Michigan Shop Tour v. 2.0 was no different.  Didn't have quite as many as I sometimes do, but there were a few.

1972 #587
This is what happens when you find cheap high numbers in a couple different places on the same day and you can't update your want list in time.  I suppose I could have sat down and edited it on my phone, but I find that much harder than using a mouse.  I'm old school when it comes to technology.

Here's one for my Matusz PC that was actually found by my friend Stuart, and was a welcome upgrade for the one I had, not for condition, but for the fact that it was serial number 001.  That made #132/199 available as shown here.

This one I kinda intentionally did myself too.  Got the Jones RC on the left from our guy Rick in Mason, but then found one for a dime in with a bunch at the big show.  Ol' Bert's even got that look like, "Duh dude, how can you pass that up?"  The one on the left is in my set.

Speaking of bargains, I mentioned before about the dealer at the National with the 25¢ shortprint Ginters.  (Same guy with the USFL set by the way).  I'm not sure if I bought these before that, or that these were in a package when I got home.  Anyway, my duplication is your gain.  Who's building 2010 Ginter?  And if you're working on pretty much any Ginter or Gypsy Queen set, stay tuned to The Collective Mind!

More set singles that overlapped:

Got that whole SportFlics set at once.  There was just a bonus Stieb in it.  Garner is the version that corrects the reverse negative photo.  Bonus Bunts and Heritage high numbers.  I've got tons of extra regular Bunt.

Looked at Elston and said, "That one doesn't look like the ones I have."  Well, it was.  Got Rickey twice with several of these '90s holograms.  And picked up extra sets of these Heritage checklists just in case I didn't get them with my starter sets.  Which I did.

Back to football,

Oversize Deion insert that I should put on the list site, Fleer Team Actions that I grabbed without checking from a quarter box, and those pesky blue parallels from the more modern Field Access.

And finally,

Wondered how I could get such a nice checklist AGAIN, but there it is.  Bolduc may have been an upgrade, and Duguay was replaced by the autographed copy.  I took about 18 of them to the show for other people, but didn't get any takers.

All of these are up for trade.  Thanks for tuning in.

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