Thursday, October 05, 2017

Proper Education

Not sure if I've shown this before or not.  I travel around the county to most all the different schools in my job as tech support.

My favorite student art project by far is mounted on the wall of one particular middle school just past the guidance office.

It appears to be a collage of squares painted by different students and put together like a mosaic.

It's one of my player collection guys, and local favorite Charlie Keller, though the school is in a different part of the county than Charlie's home town.  1951 Bowman.  His 1950 uses the same photo/drawing without the name bar, of course.

I asked the tech person there if she'd like to see the real thing.  The one below is not mine.  (I would never imprison mine like this) but it's a good specimen.

I think they did a pretty good likeness.


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Fuji said...

That's a beautiful masterpiece. The art teacher at my school does something similar each year with her students. Except she doesn't use an athlete. She has the students find a teacher on staff willing to submit a photo. I had one done of me last month. Lol. Didn't come out quite as nice as this Keller. But I was excited to hang it up in my classroom.