Monday, March 18, 2019

Sunday Show Loot

Made it back to the monthly show at Greencastle this morning.  Got there about 9:30, so I didn't miss to much hunting time.  Was over at my friends' til late last night, so I was a little slow early in the AM.  A light haul for me, but some interesting oddballs and a few bargains.

First up, I filled out a bunch of my 2019 flagship.  Tough to do from a monster box that only had a few runs that were in order.  I didn't carry my list binder with me today, so I was just eyeballing the numbers from my phone off the website.  I got enough that I could put names on the list and only got one I didn't need.  I can snag the rest in two weeks at back to back shows Saturday and Sunday.  Then I can actually write down and cross off the last ones as I go.

Also capped off my pending completion of the snowflake set with the Baez.

These are from my usual insert dealer who was talking about how Topps is trying to change the value of their flagship and other sets and inserts, but is only hurting dealers and collectors.  He broke two cases of Heritage with another guy and they didn't finish two sets of short prints among them.  And there are inserts that they never got and had to buy individually.  Not a big problem when they're average players, but he needed Judge and the like.  Two of his big collector buyers have dropped out of the game completely because of all the changes to the distribution and availability of new stuff.  I said I can see myself skipping flagship etc. too in the next couple years since I don't care nearly as much about new players and the Topps offerings are so hard to finish both cost-wise and with the new ratios of inserts an useless parallels.

Also found another dealer with consistent 25¢ inserts and cleared a bunch of these International Affairs from 2018 Update.  Put names on the remaining half dozen too.  Kept seeing a rainbow foil flavor of these.  Not sure if that's from Chrome or is another stupid parallel.

Sorry for the excessive desk space.  I didn't crop these photos after I shrunk them out of the camera.  This is the bulk of my Heritage purchases this year - only player collection stuff.  Still need a Torre Then & Now, and another space Flashback.

Some cool oddballs from my most familiar vendor Steve.  1971 Supers for a couple bucks each, the other Laughlin World Series for Charlie Keller (a bit o/c, but can't complain much for $2), another Laughlin card that I didn't know about until I saw it - All-Star Bobby Bonds from '74.  The set is numbered 33 through 73 by corresponding year.  The '79s are for Gavin at BBCB.

Gotta shift to other sports before I show the bargains.  Some of these are probably at regular price, but I just grabbed 'em while I could.  The Dryden leaves only Phil Esposito for the '72-'73 Topps set, and Mr. Hockey narrows my '79-80 down to Stan Mikita and the white whale Gretzky rookie.  I've got a long way to go on the '75-'76 set, but these two seemed a bit lower priced than average.  The '70 football fit my set being slightly imperfect.

A few more from Steve's football section.  Picked out the cheapy '71 game cards.  Still some more expensive stars to hunt for discounts later.  I saw the black name Rentzel, but didn't realize it was the 'b' version until I found the red version in his $1 each binder, so I went back and snagged it.  Just have to find the black name version of Calvin Hill too.

OK, now to the blowout sale items.  One dealer up front who usually has a really eclectic amalgamation of stuff in what feel like real shoe (or boot?) boxes, and strange penny sleeves, had all his stuff at one price.  I rounded out my purchases to an even number with the last couple RG3's here.  His cards haven't completely tanked, but this time, they were dirt cheap.

Back to baseball, these big names from the Immortals set usually go for a couple bucks elsewhere.  Not today.  The Mays caught a little glare in the photo.

Started a new Cal Ripken set from there too.  Not sure what these usually run, but it wasn't that much....

And finally, all these were in the same batch too.  Nothing earth-shattering here, but the McGwire Flashbacks are not only standard at three dollars plus, they're exceedingly hard to find.  I bought these two blind and needed one.  (I can fill in it's picture on the TCDB with the rest that I put up earlier).  The Heritage inserts turned out to be the '55 year, and not '54 that I'm working on, so if you need them, let me know.  The Fisk is one of the two out of five that I already had too.  Never seen those SportFlics before.

So to end the suspense (to those few that got all the way down here.... Every card shown here starting from the Robert Griffins was TEN CENTS!

Going to see the Capitals beat up on the Flyers next Sunday, and then the week after that there are shows in Ephrata, PA, and Chantilly, VA.  Both about an hour or so in opposite directions from here.

Friday, March 15, 2019

2019 Press Coverage Odell Beckham

Inspired by the Topps Now! Manny Machado Press Conference Tablecloth Relic, I whipped up this custom for the pending trade of Odell Beckham to the Cleveland Browns.

The "relic" contained inside this one of one card is the SD card from a random camera at the (upcoming) press conference introducing ODB to the Browns' fans.  I should have put an ad page around it offering it up for 13 minutes at a price of 10% of his potential contract.

I'm not sure if this is more relevant (especially as a 1/1) than the Machado, but I hope it's as ridiculously off on an almost unrelated tangent, as the only true connection to the player is his image digitally encoded on the SD card by some unknown reporter.

At least the name is clever - press = reporters and he's a receiver that gets "press coverage" from opposing DBs.

Check out my other ODB custom here.

Think I might start a series of incredibly expensive and almost totally irrelevant relic cards.

I'll take your suggestions in the comments...

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

C-Note Challenge

Chris over at The Collector recently posted a scenario based on Beckett's C-Note Challenge where collectors go on an imaginary $100 shopping spree.  After last week's binge shopping, it's not like I need to buy more at this point, so this is more like what I left out...

According to Beckett's guidelines, there should be 5 to 15 cards based on the current month's high book value. Since in reality, that would only allow you about half as many cards (because nobody actually PAYS high book, do they?), I'll use current COMC & eBay prices.

I did a little creative "photoshopping" on the page images so they would fit better here.

First off is a basic vintage card that is not (yet) part of a set build, but just an addition to my star cards.  The '58 Spahnie is just a nice combination of colorful and classic pose.  I have a few Koufax, Mays, Aarons, and Drysdales, etc. still in my star binder, but the only Spahns are those I've collected while building the last few vintage sets I've conquered.  Had to find one that was centered a little to the left to offset the name text being shoved to the right margin - something I hadn't noticed until I was looking for the image below.

Next up, keeping with the vintage theme, another one from the "would just be nice to have one" list.  At some point, I'm probably going in heavy on these Post cards and will try to build a set.  Will just have to decide which one I like better.  Or maybe which one has the more affordable Clemente and Mantle.

Switching to football, but still on the old stuff.  Here's the cheapest of the remaining 1948 Bowman Redskins I need to fill out the team set.  '48 is Washington's first appearance on cardboard.  Adams is actually an upgrade.  None of the rest of the Bowmans I have are graded, but at this price, I'll happily crack it out.  Looks like it's flopping around in there anyway.  Doesn't PSA usually do better with odd sizes?

Moving fifty years forward in time, this silver 1998 Paramount Priest Holmes rookie would knock off one of the two remaining color parallels I need.  The other is Platinum Blue.  It's our first COMC item.

Gotta have something for the space binder!  Was originally looking at the relics from Panini Americana, but this stamp card from Panini Century looks even better and is priced at about half what the swatch cards ran. Would love to meet Gene Kranz in person sometime.


And finally, I've got around $20 left, and we've got to leave a few bucks for shipping.  This oversize box topper is from an eclectic mix of historic, sports, and entertainment icons.  I put this one on my list next to the Apollo 11 and Carlton Fisk because ... wow!

Grand Total - $95.96, though I missed the shipping on the Adams Bowman, so I'm probably even closer.

Monday, March 11, 2019

Collector's Log: Stardate 198204.17

More from the 1982 journal.  Long before most collectors were specialized down to a player or team, our buddy Mike narrowed his collecting focus.

He was always an Angels fan.  Not sure about the origins of that.  Might have been their All-Star roster in the early 80's.  Starting on this day in April, he was purging his collection to focus on Angels, Nolan Ryan, Jim Fregosi, and Raiders and Steelers.  I don't remember him adding a lot to the football side.

He did eventually get all the Topps Ryans, and also the Fregosis, which I would pursue myself later.  Gotta give him props for selecting a player who has held his value over the years.  Can't do much better than Nolan Ryan in that time period.

I came away with a few good cards.  Not sure what year All-Stars the entry refers to, but the other nice card was probably an early addition to my Cedeno PC.

Later on, it refers to 75 new cards from Fleer.  Had to be five wax packs, since they were 15 cards each.  Collation never changes much over the years.  Time to trade for the rest.

Some more late night trading yielding big names.  That '71 Vida Blue must have changed hands several times.  I've had one in my PC of his for a long time.  I had a heck of a time finding another decent one several years later to complete my '71 set.  Pretty nice trade to get the two guys at the time, though.


After trading, we rode over to the shopping center at 7th Street.  I added to my HO train rolling stock while Billy was distracted by this:

Morgan Fairchild appeared in the prime time drama Dallas, and went on to have a decent tv and movie career.  From what I've seen, she still looks pretty good these days - with a little help from medical technology, of course.

Next day, I was dealing with that constant debate that you have when you put player collections in a binder.  Do you leave empty spaces for just the basic cards, or every oddball that you might run across?  The real trick is to find a balance between spacing things out and not having two cards or less on each page.

That last entry was a big deal back then.  We learned about the error cards that appeared in 1982 sets!  It wasn't just a thing in the previous year that saw two more companies jump into the fold.  Error cards showed up again to spark the search anew!  Wish I'd said what the source was for this report.

That Lerch is one of the most elusive.  I just got one this past year.  Not sure I've ever found the Perez.

Until next time!

Friday, March 08, 2019

Epic Mailday - Part Five

Another chapter of the compendium of cardboard consumerism that I brought on myself last week.  Here is the second of two SportLots purchases I made.

Starting off with gridiron greats.  One more off the neverending list of 2016 Donruss, and another insert down from 2013 Topps Legends.  Those Hot Numbers from 1994 Flair started off with a few in a box of stuff I got.  I thought they were cool looking so I put 'em on my want list.  I don't even have the regular set built or started.   Montana puts me down to the ever elusive no-number header cards for his and Joe Namath's Heroes series.

A few more for the post-career section of the Bo binder.  That mini is from Topps Magic and is a tribute to a 1949 design apparently.  Looks like they did them in 2009 and 2012 too with a slightly different look.

A couple Bo baseball.  I'll be shocked if these aren't dupes, especially the On Deck.  I know I've seen them before.  Probably just slacking on keeping my list up to date.

These are the only two set hits for baseball in this order.  Keep that Untouchable Moose in mind.  At least Donruss put the whole word on one line and didn't have to remember to include a hyphen.

A pair of manager PCs frome the 1st Edition version of 2005 Topps.

Some more Coaches, Managers and minor league players that I PC.  That's my second Kodak Pookie.  I'm an idiot.

A Masterpiece for the Michael Jordan collection, which is made up of him only in black and white uniforms with hats.

Three Julio Francos.  These are a bit off the flagship path, so they're needs.

A nice mix of mostly parallel Livans.

A herd of Moose.  There's that Donruss again.  I needed one to narrow my set down (to the Jeter Hit List card), and one to fill the slot in his PC binder.

Seven Royce Claytons with him on only three different teams.  Some nice shinyness.

And last, some hockey cards of my one PC for that sport.  Sergei Fedorov.

Not bad for about a blaster and ¼ and a couple evenings work.