Monday, March 19, 2018

Small Haul From A Small Show

The local monthly show migrated about 8 miles north from Maugansville, MD near Hagerstown, to Greencastle, PA.  Both are about equidistant to my house.  Today I made the first trek to Greencastle.

The road there goes through a large area of farm country and blink-and-you'll-miss-'em towns, and the terrain is such that about every couple hundred yards, there is a blind hill that would launch your car off the ground if you were to stomp on it.  After a while I was losing faith that I'd end up in civilization, but it eventually did come out in downtown Greencastle right by the venue.

Anyway, it is a larger facility, so there was another row's worth of tables in the same basic arrangement - tables lining four walls with three double rows running lengthwise in the middle. 

The first purchase I made was a couple oddball cards while I was trying to get my phone to show me my want list site.  For a minute, I thought there was no reception because the pages wouldn't load, but I reconnected and they came up OK.  Would have been a major problem to be at a show without my basic lists!  I picked these two up while I straightened that out.

There are two variations of the orange (variation) of the '87 Hygrade Mantle.  One has his weight listed at 195, and one at 200.  Got the 200 version.  This is the set that never ends.  I increased my list after my friend Stuart added the variations to his wants.  The TCDB page on these is kinda screwed up.  I submitted scans and corrections when I got home.

My normal insert vendor had split his wares between two shows, so he didn't have the current insert variety I was hoping for.  I did find these '87s from another seller marked 50% off.  I passed up one or two that were over a dollar (net 50¢).  Of course, it didn't occur to me to make sure they were all different, so I ended up buying two Aledmys Diaz's.  Anyone need one?  These were just enough to make me convert my have list into a want list for this insert.  It was barely there at 49 haves, so I went ahead and listed the 51 needs.  Bloat is such a pain.

I don't know how long it took that guy to cut out and paste together all those little "$1" tags, but I applaud his effort for marketing and security.  Had to cut each card out of the penny sleeve with a razor blade.

Also knocked off some more inserts from a few different lists. 

Found a couple of the Heritage inserts I wanted, including the first of two Apollo Flashbacks for the Astronaut binder, Palmer's Flashback that I missed when I went through the set initially, and Kuhl's regular version short print.  Still looking for the three Then & Nows with Palmer and Kluber.
 Also found SP Aaron for a buck and a half, killed my Memorable Moments with Reggie, and found my favorite MLB and NHL beauty Kelly Nash.  My Leading Ladies version(s) of her will be revealed soon.  Here's a sneak preview:

Anyway, along with those, I picked up a parallel Bo Jackson that I almost knew I already had.  Verified when I got home - already there.  But extra Bo's can go to a number of other bloggers, so who's got dibs?  Gold version for a buck.  No great expenditure....

Finally, from my favorite seller at this show, as well as fellow Redskin fan (and critic), I got at least a little taste of vintage, in a couple off my '72 list.

Condition matches my set, and for about a blaster total, a nice deal.

Stay tuned for the next show loot post, where I'll share my findings from the annual show in Ephrata, PA on the 24th.  They have Tony Perez signing, and they sent me the listings for the auction ahead of time.  I'll have to review it again to see if I'll diverge from the dealer tables or not.

Friday, March 16, 2018

First Transaction On New Forum

I recently was recommended to join the Net54 Baseball forum from a fellow trader.  I signed up a couple weeks ago and have been enjoying the discussions on Pre-War cards and finding out there is a thriving trade market out there for cards of this era.  The forum also has sections on newer stuff too.

My first purchase was this PSA 4 T205 Art Fletcher that arrived yesterday. 

It's an upgrade to an ungraded one I picked up a while ago.  My goal is to complete the team set with each one being graded somewhere around this level.  Most of mine are around the 4 mark.  That's good enough for me.

Thanks to Gonzo on the forum for the upgrade. 

Now I at least have one to trade!

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Leading Ladies Of Sports Broadcasting #3

I don't watch a lot of college sports, so I didn't really know about Jenny Dell until she got a card in 2014 Allen & Ginter.  Then I caught her a couple times on the sidelines of my one favorite school game, Boise State.  Thought she was pretty, but she didn't quite register on my hottie scale until I looked her up for these posts.

She started out covering the Red Sox for NESN.  Then moved to CBS to do the NFL.  She was moved over to the top college broadcast team after that.

She married Red Sox third baseman Will Middlebrooks on Valentine's Day 2016.  Son, I know you play baseball, but ya out-kicked your coverage on this one.

It's always about the eyes.  At least primarily.  Your Passion Parallel....

For a Red Sox fan, she does look good in blue.

And now, a new parallel.  I'll show the ones for previous subjects later too.

Your Dark Desire parallel...

Girl is FIERCE.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Blog Bat Around: Current Collection Projects

Being the #1 leading blogger that he is, Night Owl was the first to pen a post on all his current collecting projects, or all the different sets, players, teams, sports, non-sports, and oddballs he is working on these days.  Several commenters, including myself suggested it become the next Blog Bat Around topic.

I might end up feeling like the guy trying to start the wave in the Geico commercial, but I went ahead and wrote out mine...

So here is everything I have in progress.  This may take a while.  In semi-chronological order by sport, sort of....

1960 Topps baseball

After finishing 1959 Topps in late 2015, I started in earnest on 1960.   My main man Marv has hooked me up with most of the latter part of the set, and now I'm down to the big guns.  McCovey RC, Mantle, and Snider are my last three.  Might be down to the Mick shortly.

1970 and 1972 Topps baseball

I've been striving to finish these two for a couple years.  The last few just seem to elude me.  And I'm not even trying to build minty fresh examples of either set.  They started with VG-ish bulk lots, so I can go with cheaper high numbers when I find them.  But they've lingered on the want list thru a couple Nationals now.  I gotta get 'em killed off this year.

1964 Topps baseball

'64 is going to be the primary vintage build after '60, '70 and '72 are all done.  I've started it officially this past summer, but there's still plenty to go.  Haven't cut down many of the stars yet.  And the majority of what I have so far is above #400.

1950 Bowman

These started out as a lot I bought from a neighbor of a good friend.  Haven't paid nearly as much for the rest of the singles I've obtained since then.  These are cheaper than I thought!  Even in Just-Over-Mediocre condition like I've been getting.  Only have one or two big stars so far though.

1963 Fleer

Been picking these up at shows for about a year or so.  Always liked them, but hadn't started shopping really hard for them until recently, so I always thought they were cool but unaffordable.  Starting to cure that impression. 

Craploads of other set builds

There are whole pages dedicated to my set wants for baseball, football, and hockey, plus one for golf, basketball, and non-sports.  I'm always trading and scouring dealer boxes for hits to anything on my lists.  Some entries I'll break out in detail here.

T205 New York Giants Team Set

The picture at the top of my wants page for this collection is the inspiration for it.  Until a few years ago, I never thought I would own the real cards from the early 1900's, but now I'm down to seven.  I just joined the Net54 forum and discovered a lot more collectors who deal in this time period than I was aware of.  Hopefully they can help me knock these out and upgrade the few that aren't graded.  This is the only instance where I actually want graded cards.

Player Collections

I have 50+ baseball player collections that started back when I began collecting and had a couple cards of the same guy.  I thought "He's cool, I like him" and started collecting everything.  That multiplied over the years (and actually reduced a time or two as well).  Now there are several guys I like to collect a lot and some that are just there.  But at just about every show and dealer I visit, I find some oddball something that goes in one or more of these collections.

The main ones are guys that I have some connection or attachment to, whether it be fantasy football championships, watching them play in my home town and then their big-league debut, players who are favorites or relatives of friends of mine, or just guys that have some cool cards.  Most of them aren't HOF'ers, but are more the fan favorite types who hit a couple All-Star games here and there. The modern guys are tougher in that they have 10x more cards issued than the vintage guys.  They get binders for two at a time vs. the dozen plus that fit in there of vintage dudes.

Moon & Space 

I've always been fascinated with the space program, especially the first few years when we landed on the moon.  Managed to pick up a couple sets of astronauts and space themed cards here and there.  A few are Heritage inserts, etc. and a couple complete sets.  Nice little non-sport project.

Washington Redskins

if I didn't have a good reference to go by, my Redskins team collection would be a lot harder to manage.  I found someone on eBay who had compiled team checklists before there was TeamSets4U or the Trading Card Database.  I bought the book, which was hundreds of pages of two-column, micro-sized font listings of every Redskins card issued.  There were a few updates, and then it stopped in 2008.  I then turned to the old fashioned Word doc Have List at that point.  Luckily there aren't as many football products as there once were, so it's reasonably manageable.

I just made a "quick list" to make hunting them much easier.  It's one thing to have the reference, but to have to flip back and forth through 100 pages to check every card in a mixed box is a big pain and discourages me from filling in the holes.  Now I can.

I've done well to find a lot of the early 'Skins for low prices, so aside from some Sammy Baughs, I'm pretty close to most of the old stuff.  I keep all of the old ones in a binder, then after the late 80's, they go in the old school storage lockers, which make it easy to separate by company and year.  The whole top shelf of the black wire rack is the Redskins lockers.


Errors & Variations

As part of several set builds, I love finding the variations too.  Everything from '81 Donruss to Pro Set football and hockey, back to 1959 Topps and some through the 60's, and on down to the occasional modern goofs like the "non-auto" 2007 Bowman Heritage.  I don't get all the legend variations from Topps flagship or anything like that, but I have spent many hours squinting at the fine lines between the stats on the back of Pro Set cards and junk wax.  I actually found the Whiten above for a dime.



And the list goes on...

Friday, March 09, 2018

I Should Set A $30 Limit Too...

But I'd be done for the year already if I did.  This is what happens when you live cheap and have no life otherwise.  But I digress.

Robert over at $30 A Week Habit sent me some pretty diverse list hits.

Started out with some 2005 Heritage... 

And some 2011, the latest one to grace my want lists...

And a couple nice 2013 Allen & Ginter inserts...

Then moved on to hockey, and the current O-Pee-Chee set.  Always glad to trade for hockey singles.  They're kinda scarce around here, even at shows.  Base cards first...

The team checklists and dreaded rookie...

 And those cool playing card inserts...

Great trade, Robert!  Thanks!