Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Birthday Beauties - Belated

I really gotta come up with some card articles.

Maybe I'll chronicle my vacation from last week that was several solid days of card purchases in Michigan.  Which is why this post didn't appear April 5th like I intended.  There are TWO gorgeous gals born on that day.

Krista Allen
Star of several TV shows, including Baywatch Hawaii, and movies like Liar, Liar, and the Cinemax favorite series Emmanuelle in Space.  She is pure and simply smoking hot, and flaunts it.

Hayley Atwell
The other April 5th original is Hayley Atwell, the British angel most notable for her role as Agent Peggy Carter in Agent Carter TV show, and the Captain America movies.  She has also done well on stage in Britain and in award-winning roles in films like Cassandra's Dream and Brideshead Revisited.  She is a much more conservative, girl-next-door type than Krista, but still engagingly gorgeous nonetheless.