Saturday, June 11, 2022

99 Problems But Getting Cards Ain't One

Sorry, not a Jay-Z fan, but I knew about the line...

All the stuff I have to put away right now

Anyway, my biggest blogging problem is just a lack of motivation or inspiration.  I got my SportLots order and a few trades recently, but none of them are that spectacular except to my want lists.  

I will be posting about the Russian hockey cards soon - just before my best collecting friend comes to visit from Michigan.  We're taking a whole week and visiting shops in my local area, including one in Bel Air, MD that we haven't been to yet.  Other places you may find us sifting cardboard may include Dundalk, Wheaton, and of course Frederick in Maryland, Hanover and Greencastle PA, and then the visit caps off with the big show in Chantilly, VA.

I'm up to 99 cards in my inventory on COMC.  This is out of 244.  You can see my stuff at

I really don't understand how they process a submission.  Not sure how it could be more efficient to split up cards by sport and set them up a few at a time, unless they identify each card (as what it is and as yours) and then sort them by sport and set etc., posting them when it's all done.  Still think it might have helped to include an itemized list, but maybe not....

Any suggestions on pricing changes are welcome.  Hope you see something you have to have!

That's all for now.  Stay tuned for some shop reviews in July and some Russian hockey....