Friday, July 23, 2021

See You At The National

Matching my post count for June, here's one quick post to let you all know that I'll be at the National from VIP night (Wednesday) until at least Friday, if not Saturday.

Look for this dude in a sports related t-shirt and dark blue army pants.  I can be found at most tables that are NOT just graded cards or mojo hits.

"Shoulda listed out those 1990 variations I'm looking for..."

I'll have a trunkload of extra three ring binders unless the guys I'm going to the show with hog them all.  So hit me up if you need any (Dime Box Nick!)

Or email me with any special requests you'd like me to find at the show.  (Please limit them to a few cards please, my lists are long as it is). 😁 I'll be taking note of some blog top 10 lists when I can.

Hope to see you there!