Sunday, June 07, 2015

New custom card - 2014 Absolute Idiot Teammates to Inmates #1

Aaron Hernandez, went from a sixteen million dollar guaranteed contract (just under $40M total) playing for the Patriots, to serving a life term without the possibility of parole for first degree murder.

The sixteen million he gave up is why the card is serial numbered to 16.  Figured it had to be a low number, so that's what each card in the theoretical series would use to set the numbering.  I thought about putting a notation on the front for the money and the sentence, but I figure it will have to go on the back (which I won't attempt to mock up).

I would also make a Gridiron Gangsta for Hernandez (to continue the series started with Plaxico Burress in 2011), but I couldn't find Aaron's actual mug shot in several online searches, just pics from his indictment and trial.

I like the little touch of the Patriots and Mass Dept. of Corrections logos, and the notations below the swatches - it's always fun to come up with the scandalous "event" where the pieces supposedly come from.  I've had "concert worn leather", affair worn lingerie", and now "indictment worn shirt".

Would have liked to have done more with the background behind the pictures, but I always have trouble with the purely graphical type stuff.  I guess I'd be hired at Topps, but turned down from Upper Deck.  They usually had higher level graphics through the years.  This card design was derived from a Panini Spectra Teammates Combo Jerseys.  Unfortuately, there weren't any with Patriots on eBay at the moment.

Next in this series, Ray McDonald of the 49ers.