Wednesday, June 20, 2018

4 Most Wanted Fugitives Captured In P-Town

P-Town Tom sent me return fire for a couple Bryant inserts I sent a little while ago.  He put in the accompanying note that he hoped I was happy with the return.

Well, not only did he exceed my expectations for plain old quantity, he hit four of my most wanted list to boot!  So I don't even have to scan them for this post, I can transfer the images from my list site!

First off, the final end to the 100 card Numbers Game insert set from 2016 Allen & Ginter, Babe Ruth.

Keeping with the elusive Yankee theme, here is a set ender for 2014, the Ellsbury SaberStars.  This was back when Topps made inserts that mentioned other things about baseball besides star players, like the new analytics stats.

Then a double shot from in between those two, of 2015 Leaf Baseball Heroes.  The set was a tribute to Stan Musial (and a sticker dump).  Pretty decent for a logoless set.  I needed (a second) Palmer and one of the stat inserts to kill it. 

And finally, you don't have to look at this dude's ugly mug at the end of my top wants list.  Skybox Star Trek Master Series is complete - the last card was the first card - Gowron #1.

Thanks again to Tom!  It's always nice to have to revamp your priority wants to replace ones that you finally got!

Monday, June 18, 2018

A Short Line Opens Now And Zen

Received a small trade from Doe at the Now And Zen blog last week.

Doe sent me four 1990 Upper Deck baseball singles.  Now, how in the heck do I still need 1990 Upper Deck singles you ask?  Well, besides skipping the junk wax era the first time around, I am completing the date line variations from 101 to 199 for this set.  These were four "with" date line variants.  I showed the backs to illustrate.

Also included were the last two circular holograms to complete that set too.  These fit very nicely doubled up in 15 pocket tobacco mini sheets.  If anyone needs any of these, or a starter, I can send them in one of those sheets.

And rounding out the package, there were three Opening Day inserts.  Yasiel looks more like he's about to open up a can of whupass rather than the season....

Thanks Doe!

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Blog Bat Around: Rock The Red For Red Scheondienst

Ol' Red's longevity was something to be admired.  I also take pride in usually knowing how to spell his last name correctly without looking.

I went through some of my binders and game used stashes and watched for big blotches of red.  Red frames and uniforms and design colors - hopefully several of these elements together.  Here are my top ten (-ish) red cards in tribute to Red Schoendienst in order by sport.
1960 Topps Roy McMillan #45

This one is the only 1960 Topps card that I saw in my binder to use the black and white lettering on the red banner.  All the others used yellow and white for the most part.  Bonus points for being a Cincinnati player too.

1996 Circa Royce Clayton #176

I like the many shades of red on this one.  Probably a nice set to try to collect at some point.  The quote in the corner is a nice touch too.  Clayton played on eight or nine different teams, so his cards only have a couple sections of red pallette card designs - Cardinals and Rangers.

2013 Topps Gypsy Queen Dealing Aces Stephen Strasburg #DA-SS

Pretty straightforward red frame design and all red type with the Nats uniform to boot.  You may recognize some familiar elements that also appear in my series that focuses on more curvaceous subject matter.  This one is from my minor collection of Stras oddballs.

2014 Topps Red Foil Parallel Brian Matusz #547

I've got a lot of parallel Matusz cards, but most of the red ones are frames only.  In 2014, Topps made these "red foil" parallels, which should be called "red shimmer" since they're not just flat red.  They scan very magenta, so I took some phone pics too.  As you can see, you get a different reflective effect from slightly changing the angle.

1994-95 Flair #216, 1996-97 Pinnacle By The Numbers #3, and 2002 Atomic Sergei Fedorov

Fedorov probably has the highest percentage of red in his cards of anything I collect, especially in the Detroit home uniform.  Threw these in together on the scanner, but the Pinnacle and Atomic don't show their shiny so well in scans either.

2007 Playoff Prestige Xtra Points Red Jared Zabransky #239 (/100) 

Scan and photos of the 2007 Fiesta Bowl Boise State quarterback.  I'm still waiting for this guys' other stuff to drop in price since he never really made it in the NFL.  Not sure if he's still in the CFL or not.  Last seen with Edmonton Eskimos a few years ago.

2003 Upper Deck Pros & Prospects Priest Holmes #43

Gonna triple up on Priest to finish things out here.  He's the #1 player I try to "supercollect", and since he was a Chief most of his career, there are a plethora of red washed cardboard to choose from.  The Pros & Prospects is a nice team color themed set that I've recently started.  It's not overly shiny or cluttered, though the type and UD logo are all silver foil.  The simplest of the Priest cards I'll show.

2006 Fleer Hot Prospects Retrospective jersey Priest Holmes #RE-PH

The first of a couple game-used Preists I used here.  Red uni, background and even the fabric swatch.  Not a completely thrilling design, but decent enough.

2004 Leaf Rookies & Stars Longevity Ruby Priest Holmes #45 (/250)

This is the one that's part of the complete rainbow I finished back in 2014.  It's called Ruby, so the magenta-like scan hue is excused in this case.  All kinds of reflected colors on these.

2005 Leaf Certified Materials Mirror Red (& Materials) Priest Holmes #59 (/100) 

Got both the regular and swatch version of this one.  This time they called it Mirror Red, but it still scans more magenta. 

So it's really more than ten, but these are the reddest cards I have.  Probably could have found more in my Capitals collection, but there's a whole higher level to their Redness.

Friday, June 15, 2018

This Day In Baseball History


In the first inning of their 6-2 victory over the Braves, the Dodgers turn their first triple play in forty-seven years.

After making a running, back-to-the-plate grab of Chipper Jones's popup to short left with runners on first and second,

Juan Castro throws second baseman Delino Deshields

to double up Marquis Grissom,

then the ball is relayed to first baseman Eric Karros

to get Mark Lemke, who was also running on the pitch.

I don't own any of these cards myself except Chipper and Grissom.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Cardboard OCD Chapter 6c: Special Cases

Rounding out the discussion of the lists I make to track various facets of my team and player collections (or "He's got way too much free time"), here are some of the other documents I've created to guide me while searching.

One of the hardest areas I've found to reasonably document is post-career cards of major star players.  I don't collect a great number of HOF worthy guys (pretty much for this reason), but I've got a couple that tend to show up annually in the new stuff even though they've been retired for years.  Jim Palmer and Carlton Fisk are the most popular ones.

I could just copy and paste their entire cardography to my website, but it would eventually create the need for separate pages for a few guys.  And it would probably feel like I never make much progress on them.  So instead, I pick and choose what to list as I find them available, usually on a set-based approach.  In the meantime, since there are so many modern post-career cards, how do you know what you have?

I ended up at one point just scanning my collections for certain players - really just the stuff that came after they stopped playing.  And then I shrunk it so it wasn't 89 pages, but was still visible to my 50+ year old eyes.  Had to hand write a few serial numbers in between for clarity, but it works pretty well.

Just a real pain to update.  But at least I have a reference.  So this is nine pages scanned and shrunk to fit on one 8½" x 11" sheet of paper.  Ended up doing the same thing for Elston Howard, Joe Torre, and Bo Jackson (who is the biggest Broder nightmare).

Another odd case is when I get several of my player guys in an insert set that has many parallels.  Case in point - Panini Golden Age.  The minis come in five different backs.  I have five different guys in the set.  Sounds like a chart to me....

Also added a note in the last column for the full size white parallels.

With only a couple exceptions, I don't ever try to "supercollect" most of my many player collections.  Guess I wouldn't have problems like this if I didn't collect so many guys.  I'll get gamers and autos if I find them cheap and I like the way they look, but don't strive to get more than a handful from a lot of my PC guys.  Just takes up too much space and costs more than I want to invest.  But I would like to get at least one GU and auto of each guy (if they exist).  Need a chart for that....

Doesn't show well in the scan, but they are marked as Certified or InPerson (auto) and Jersey, Bat, Pants, etc. for GU.  A lot of my guys won't have certified autos, but I've found a good many cheap IP autos to fill out the ranks.  (OCD note: sometimes I put them in with the regular cards in the binder, and sometimes in the drawer in a toploader with the other "hits".  Don't have any rhyme or reason as to why).

So I hope this chapter of OCD has inspired you to create lists or documents that make your card shopping more efficient and enjoyable.  And if you'd just rather stick to your palm-sized spiral notebook, that's OK too.

At some point in this series, I'd like to illustrate a few packaging tips, some of which have been nicely done elsewhere.  And I think there are still a few areas I haven't covered yet.  If you'd like to see something specific, leave me a comment.