Wednesday, April 01, 2020

New Super Short Prints in 2020 Donruss

Was perusing the Panini site the other day looking at their new products and saw this in the product listing for 2020 Donruss.

Wasn't sure what it was, but it was included in the images for new boxes of the product.

I'm guessing it's another SSP insert in tribute to the old 1988 Score set.  I've always liked that design, but haven't seen Panini recycle it up until now.  Any ideas?

Maybe ask Matt...

Monday, March 30, 2020

I Think Topps Reads My Blog ... And Then Flips Me Off

Called it!

You may remember back in November when Topps came out with the NOW! sets of the Washington Nationals World Series victory.  I bought the set with the autograph that was to be shipped out later.  There was a false alarm in February when I got something else.  Well, the FedEx delivery came today.

Folded up in bubble wrap and a big yellow padded mailer was another one of these black envelope things.

Could it be Scherzer?  The future Hall Of Famer?

Or Soto? The breakout rookie star?

Robles? Another rookie phenom who I liked during the season?

Kendrick? The veteran journeyman who came through in the clutch?

Suzuki? Who returned to the Nats and won a couple postseason games?

Or would it be, as I predicted from the start, the one guy out of all of them who I know the least, and just don't have the same enthusiasm for ~ Patrick Corbin?

Yep.  Had to be Corbin.

I have no luck at all...

No offense to Patrick Corbin, his contribution to the victory was just as important as anyone else on the team.  And I can't knock getting an autograph numbered 6/99 and a team set of cards for the price of (well, four) blasters.  It's just I would have enjoyed any of the other guys better, ya know?  *sigh*

Saturday, March 28, 2020

Collecting Continues

I've missed a whole week of blog reading and posting.  I was doing some collecting of a different kind this week at work - gathering chromebooks for our elementary students to use during the next month (and however longer this thing lasts) at home, and distributing them on Friday.  Needless to say it's been a tough week, and I'm exhausted.  Haven't had the energy for posts with any brain power behind them.

The flow of cardboard hasn't stemmed though, I sent several packages out this past week and have even more to go soon.

Got one from Gavin at BBC Breakdown about Wednesday or so.  Let's check it out.

He started with a few Redskins.  This one is from one of the rare sets I actually am still building - 2014 Prestige.  Cool design and a ton of inserts.

Same product, just four years younger.  Prestige seems to be the product that I'd build annually if I built football sets as regularly as I do baseball.  I would actually say that I follow football a lot closer too, but just can't get into building the sets as much in recent years.

Two Heritage short prints - always welcome.  I feel like I have a shot at completing this set in a reasonable time, unlike most of the older Heritage that I've started from bulk base lots.  2020's popularity probably helps too.

I was really excited to see these in the stack.  I vaguely recall asking if he had dupes of my player guys.  I think these put me down to only one or two more for all the players I'm looking for.

And finally, this bronze version of British-born baby love wrestler Paige from 2016.  Gotta love hotness parallels.  Might have to put some of her other nice cardboard portraits on my non-sport wants page.

Thanks Gavin!  Always good stuff from you, sir!

Saturday, March 21, 2020

GOAT Or Garden Variety? We Shall See

Big news on the NFL free agency this week (and of course, it was run into the ground non-stop on the NFL Network etc.) that "TB is heading to TB" or Tom Brady is now a Buccaneer.

The biggest takeaway I have from this event is: The long standing debate will pretty much be settled in the next couple seasons...
Was the secret to the Patriot's success mostly due to Tom Brady's godlike genius behind center or Bill Belichick's winning system?
I always believed it was the latter.  Brady makes good decisions with the football, and is a pretty accurate passer.  But that's about all I'm willing to crown him for.  He's never been mobile, he doesn't have a particularly powerful arm to throw 60 yards at a time, and I think he gets more credit for creating plays than he's actually doing.  Peyton Manning was known for his long calls at the line and complex adjustments in mere seconds.  I didn't see as much of that with ol' Tom.  Now the broadcasters would gush over his brilliance during any lull in the action, but all I saw was a lot of screens and out patterns - high percentage plays.

So now, on the Tampa side, you have a decent coaching staff, some talented players around him, and their major problem was the quarterback's turnovers.  That will almost definitely change in their favor.  But will Tom lead them deep into the Postseason immediately?  If he's so far above the average player he will.

On the other side, will Belichick find at least a mid-level quarterback (Winston?) with issues and turn him into a league hero?  Will they continue to dominate the AFC East and the playoffs?  They have a lot of other holes in the roster to fix as well, but the coaching staff isn't breaking up too much as far as I know.

The 2020 season will be intriguing just to see how this turns out.

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Safe & Sane

Ugh, I won't go into a whole narrative about the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak or the worldwide consequences since everyone has already felt the effects in one way or another.

Of the 20-couple people in my office, I'm really the only one who is scheduled to actually show up on site regularly, and that's every other day.  Otherwise, we're taking help desk calls and doing administrative work from home.  It's kind of a drag, but at least I'm still able to work.  Though I sort of hope they give up after a few weeks and just let us off until this is all resolved.

Because then I could really get some things done in my collecting world!

I just looked it up to confirm, and the local monthly show was cancelled this past Sunday.
The Chantilly Show in Virginia has also cancelled.  Hopefully they have the second of three dates in July.

Hopefully, the National is late enough that it will still go on.

At the very least, I hope the Post Office stays operational.  I've got trading to do!

I promise I won't be sending any contaminated cards...

Be safe, stay healthy ... and sane!