Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Lines Are Down

My land line (yeah, I know - I'm old school) has been down since Sunday, and hence my internet connection is out too.  I hate even attempting to edit things on my cell phone, so transmissions from the Hive Mind aren't coming through.

Verizon will allegedly arrive between 8AM (at best 9:30 at this point) and 9 PM.  Thanks for being specific.  Hopefully they actually call me first.

I've got show loot, two unopened boxes of Stadium Club, mailday from P-Town Tom, and the rest of my "Favorite Things" posts in the works.  So I hope it's a quick fix.

Stay Tuned!

Friday, July 12, 2019

Duplicates Are A Trader's Best Friend

Tiffany's, (Gary) Carter, Black Sox, Ross Grimsley, ...

Maybe I'm misquoting the song.  But as I was pulling all those '84, '89 and '90 Topps Tiffanys out of the binders at the shop last week, I know I said a couple times, "I hope I don't already have all these."

Well, it wasn't so bad.  But I did have some of them.  So they are available for trade.

Only a few dupes from the 1984's.  One all time stat leader...

The '89s fared the worst.  I must have found a stash of these in some dealer's box at some point.  Tiffany's weren't something I catalogued in my want lists since I didn't think I'd find them in any great quantity anywhere.  Guess I'll have to squint through the lists of all the Tiffany sets and put down the ones I'm still missing, at least from these three years.

Was surprised that I even had the Jefferson "pink triangle" B variation in glossy form already too.  He's not part of my player collections, but all the others are.

Here are some bonus offerings from a few years ago.  1987 is another year I've managed to knock off most of the shiny Topps cards.  These were bought (again) after the first batch.

So send me trade offers, and I'll respond after my eyes clear up after once again listing out all my player guys from several different Topps sets in the big book.

Sunday, July 07, 2019

Shine On You Crazy (Baseball) Diamond (Stars)

Spent the four day weekend with my best trading buddy Stuart and his girlfriend Marion.  She had the time off for once, so they drove from Michigan and we toured the local area antique and book shops for four days.  And of course, hit the card booths.  The biggest was at Rocky Ridge Collectibles just below the MD line on Route 11.

Most of what I got was for other trades, or second copies of '77 and '79 Topps baseball singles of my player guys that I still hadn't replaced in my sets.  Grich here is a typical example...

Tilted toward the light, normal vintage has somewhat of a texture, but doesn't reflect much.  Good for checking flaws.

Why am I testing the reflectivity?  Just to provide a reference.

I also found several binders with 1984, 1989, 1990, and 1991 that had a distinct difference.  I pulled my player guys from all of them.  Prices ranges from a quarter to 75¢ each.  Dewey Evans and a couple others were a dollar.  But the HOF'ers were not necessarily the highest marked.  Not sure why, but it's not relevant.

Fair selection of '84s....

But tilt 'em toward the light, and voilà!  Topps Tiffany!

Innocent looking '89s...
Shine bright!

Julio Franco was just happy to be an All-Star in 1990...

But all his friends are aglow as well!

'91s you know...

All aglow!

Also picked up some other PCs in this years Stadium Club.  They're silver foil, but shine goldish under my incandescent bulb in the computer room.  Was surprised to see Charlie Keller in the latest Diamond Kings.  I want all parallels of this one as well!  And started another oddball Cal set.  I already have the plain version.  You can't tell in the above photo, but...

Shiny gold version!  Still looking for two to finish it out.

Thanks to my friends for a great four day weekend.  Back to the (ten-hour a day) grind tomorrow.

Can't go out without the song in the title...

Wednesday, July 03, 2019

Of Heroes And Patriotism

Was lucky enough to be on the receiving end of one of the packages that Greg the Night Owl sent out recently.  Some of the contents were very timely, arriving just before Independence Day.

This is one of two 2001 Topps United We Stand inserts that were issued after the events of 9/11 (2001).  The flag flying over the damaged Pentagon wall honoring those who perished in the attack on Washington, D.C. that day.

Here's a wider view of that spot just after the tragedy.

The other UWS card is a shot of Ground Zero at the World Trade Center in New York.

Just last weekend, I visited the site of the result of the third attack that day, the Flight 93 memorial in Shanksville, PA.

A wide view of the grounds, with the wall to the right, the point of impact marked by the boulder in the middle, and the walkway that borders the sacred ground of the crash site.
This is the overlook platform just beyond the Visitor Center at the top of the hill.

The wall with the names of the 33 passengers and aircraft crew.

And a shot of one of the displays inside the Visitor Center.

I'll do a more complete post about that in the near future.

And just so this doesn't become more about 9/11 than the 7/4, here's another card from N.O. with a little more triumphant spirit to it.

Neil Armstrong setting off to unite the world as they watched him set foot on somewhere other than Earth.  An amazing accomplishment that still blows my mind when you think of the level of technology present in 1969 when they pulled it off.

I don't consider myself a really spiritual person, but my sense of patriotism is very strong.  It's almost the strongest emotional force that I can be motivated by of anything I can think of.  There are a lot things about this country that are annoying and cause a lot of conflict between people.  But I wouldn't want to live anywhere else.  I'm not a very competitive person, nor am I overly motivated to be that "type A" go-getter who spends a lot of time gnashing their teeth to achieve as much as possible all the time.  But I could see myself becoming highly energized to combat an attack on our freedoms in this country.  I actually tried to become a soldier once, but a severe case of pneumonia at the wrong time messed that up.  At the time I discovered my path was elsewhere, but I still have an appreciation for the fighting spirit in defense of the flag.

Enjoy your celebrations with family and friends on the Fourth.  And be safe with the pyrotechnics, please.

Monday, July 01, 2019

If I Did Not Trade Fupbaw, I Would Not Be Getting Fupbaw Today

Got one of those great "out of the blue" envelopes today from Trevor at Bump And Run Football Card Blog.  It was mostly Redskins, with a couple bonus cards too.

A couple familiar 2013 Bowman, though Bowman is never really familiar.

A pair of Donruss Elite, circa 2018.  Definitely an interesting design.

Four from Prestige of the year before - 2017.  I like this design too, but I'm STILL working on the 2014 Prestige set.  The inserts go on forever.  Nice Draft insert of Jon Allen.

Bonus items included a hit to my second set of 2008 Score, the always elusive and numerous rookies.

A rare hit to my Priest Holmes collection!  Sweet!  It's hard to hit my Priest list with anything that's not a scarce parallel in general, so this is pretty cool.  Kudos to Trevor for perusing the long listings.

Back to DC's finest, a cool serial numbered Joe T.  Let's hope the new #7 in town can perform like he did.

Whoa! I never expect a mojo hit among a batch of Redskins like this.  Just "wow!"

I shall have to renew the assault on Trevor's want lists.  Thanks dude!

And here's the famous (at least to us older folks) football routine I reference in the title.