Friday, May 24, 2019

Four More Down From P-Town

Good ol' Tom was at it again!

One of my favorite blogger traders sent me another PWE that arrived Thursday.  More shots to my most wanted list.  Check it out.

Yeah, funny how that happens when you're dealing with bloggers who are generous enough to go shopping for you.  A lot of traders will trade, but won't go out of their way to get something specific, even if it's just packs at Wal-Mart or Target.  But this community is different.

And I don't really have to scan them, they're already pictured on my site!


The final two 1st Home Runs from 2015 Topps Update.  Barring gremlins, this wipes out all 2015 sets from my baseball page completely!

The last gremlin from the 1990 SportFlics set I bought otherwise in one shot in Michigan.  #2 on my top 12 list.

And the Joey Votto that was #6 on my list.  Until my last SportLots order.  Rats, sorry Tom.  I indulged myself.  But I appreciate the effort on this one just as much.

Big thanks Tom!

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

There Are HOF'er Cards, And Now There Are Cards In the HOF!

I've been to the Pro Football Hall Of Fame a couple times.  I have never been to Cooperstown.  Starting this weekend, I now have a lot more motivation to go.

While it would be a great experience to witness actual HOF players and recent retirees in the Hall Of Fame Classic game that is happening on the 25th, that's not what I most want to see.

The 2017 HOF Classic coaches, many of which will
also be in this year's dugouts.
Nope, the other event happening there is the opening of Shoebox Treasures, the Hall's new exhibit all about our favorite things ~ baseball cards.  From their website:
For the first time in the Museum’s history we will take a comprehensive look at the history of baseball cards, collecting and the connection generations of fans have had to these Shoebox Treasures. 
A few of the highlights we are excited about for the planned exhibit include: cards from every era: the 1800’s to today; “Holy Grail” cards like the Honus Wagner T206 card and the 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle; and a make your own baseball card interactive.

The 2019 HOF yearbook that a friend passed to me recently has an article that says the exhibit will not only chronicle the history of cards, but also delve into their design, fabrication and sales, those who collect them, and the Holy Grail cards mentioned above.

There will be many more actual cards on exhibit encased in protective "drawers" that visitors can sift through and view.

The Hall had a card exhibit before on the same floor of the building, but it was removed when that section was renovated.  But they got such a response from fans that they knew they had to get some cardboard back on display.

I wouldn't expect that many of us would learn a lot of new information about the history of players on pasteboard, or what they pick out at the most desirable cards and the stories behind them.  I'm sure they'll be displays about the 1952 barge dump, cards issued in tobacco, Fleer & Donruss joining in 1981, the Overproduction Era, etc.  But they also said there will be some detailing of the copyright  and licensing process, and other behind the scenes glimpses.

Plus, just seeing a big group of the most iconic cards in real life is always a nice prospect.

If anyone has a chance to go, report back and tell us how it is!

Monday, May 20, 2019

Collector's Log: Stardate 198206.24

I'm pretty sure I was already into the Star Trek show, but I guarantee the second movie Wrath of Khan made me a bigger fan.

We would eventually see E.T. as well.   I didn't collect the cards, though.

How many of you are too young to have had to look up information in an encyclopedia in the library instead of getting on a computer?

I still have my personal set at Mom's house that looks just like this.  It was the Bicentennial Anniversary set from 1976.  And it was updated once a year, with a Year Book addendum, where they included new articles and updates to existing ones.  

Now there's Google and Wikipedia, etc. that is constantly updated on the fly.  Can you imagine having to go back to this?

School year was winding down, so classes were very informal and loose.

Nice to know I got a bargain trade for a star card.


Probably didn't over-trade too much for these since the rookie thing wasn't quite my cup of tea.  Got a second Kemp later since he ended up a PC.

Had to look up what Horner's RC was.  Didn't think he had a quad card like those other guys.  Wins ROY without a prospect card that year.  Topps missed the call on that one.

More cardboard pickups after playing the game itself.



All these are PC guys as well.

Gotta wrap this up quick, there's a thunderstorm starting outside....

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Like A Stone

Went down for the count yesterday, so no Friday post like I try to do.  Spent most of the day in the ER with a kidney stone.  That's something that you young'uns should NOT look forward to experiencing.  If you're unfamiliar, it's basically a piece of gravel shredding through the passages from your kidneys to your bladder.  Pain at a 9 on a 10 scale.  But I won't bore you with the gory details.  Suffice to say, I got home that evening and all is well.  Don't think I'll need any of the painkillers they gave me.  Learned a couple things about my insides as well.

Anyway, on to the card news.

The couning continues.  The wire rack shelf is almost done.  All the big boxes totaled about 65,000.  I started on the bulk Redskins after that.  Wasn't as tedious as I thought.  Since each case is 30 slots, I just counted each slot and wrote it down.  Averaged 25-35 cards per slot, and added them up at the end to total each year.  Shouldn't take long to finish them.

Made a new page on my wantlist site.  Decided to move all the player collection parallels and high odds inserts from about 2011 to now over to their own page so they didn't clutter up the set wants page so much.  For several products, I was down to the PC stuff, most of which is really hard to find or pull, so they'll probably be on there for a long time, but since I finished all the other set stuff, it might as well be gone from there.

Been watching the Western Conference NHL finals with some interest.  I was rooting for Fuji's Sharks to this point, but I'm afraid I've got to turn on them and go for St. Louis.  If the Capitals ever disappeared, the Blues are one of the teams I'd move to.  I do like the Sharks too, but between them, I gotta go with the Blues.  The final factor is that the fans in San Jose think the team nickname has two syllables.  Can't stand that Red Sox/Yankees chant that they get going.  "Let's go Sha-arks! Blamp Blamp Blamp-bamp-bamp"  No.  Please stop.  Get it right.  "Boom Boom Boom, Let's Go Sharks (/Blues/Caps)!" 

Can't believe all the sweeps in the Eastern Conference playoffs.  Islanders sweep and then get swept, and Carolina who swept them, get swept by the Bruins.  Hope the Western victor wins it all.
Nice live version here too.

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Julie's Angels

A real quick salute to Julie of A Cracked Bat... blog for her return fire in response to a couple list hits I sent out earlier.

More 1977 Charlie's Angels!  Some first series gems with the original trio.

Lots of Sabrina (Kate Jackson) in many

A couple late series with Kelly & Bosley getting in the act...

And sticker #38 of Sabrina again.

These will go up on the database soon.

Thanks Julie!  Check out her tradeable offerings HERE.