Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Bo Brings Life To My Capitals Collection

Made another trade with Bo of Baseball Cards Come To Life! recently.  Sent him some vintage baseball for a mystery amalgamation of Capitals cards, some hockey set needs, and a few more baseball variations.

 A few more for the 1991 Topps master base set.  Coolbaugh is missing the streak across his hat, Patterson had a photographic dermatologist treatment, Liliquist's "TM" is a variant size, and Naehring has a spot on his batting glove.  Some of these could be called printing flaws, but were significantly corrected, so to me they're worth getting.

 On to the hockey - two hits to a legends set from 2000-01 Upper Deck....The "other" Bure and Brodeur guys.

 Then he knocked my 1996-97 Upper Deck flagship set down to two dozen, few enough that I put names on them.

The rest were an amazing random assortment of cool, shiny, eclectic, and fascinating Capitals cards.

 Except for a couple that I recognized the design from, I don't remember having really any of these.

The tough part is going to be sorting them into my team collection box.  I had a few I was trying to put away just the other day and I found that what I thought were sorted correctly into the right years between 1994 and 1997 were all mixed up.  I can't keep the dual dates straight in my head and invariably mix piles together.  I started a document that is basically printouts of each major set by year so I can have a visual guide.  I was going by the stats on the back - and identifying each set by the year AFTER the last stat year - until I found a set that had the stats for the same year it was produced only as far as the All-Star break.  At that point I gave up and started the document.  Of course, sets like Finest have a few different looks to them, and most rookies are a variation of the base design too, so it still may not help.  I'll never be able to recognize hockey cards like I do baseball and football.

Anyway, thanks again to Bo Rosny!

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

The Mega-Sort Has Begun

My posting schedule is all jacked up.  Between the 15 monster boxes, football season, and adult responsibilities, I can't seem to keep up Monday - Wednesday - Friday posting.

Anyway, here's a quick glimpse at the six baseball boxes from the monster hoard.  I finally broke down and stacked them on the floor in groups by year and piles by set.  This consolidates all the chunks I kept finding in different boxes.  It's amazing to me how this kind of stuff gets so thoroughly blended together over time.  At least I assume it was over time and multiple people sifting through.  It may just be that they all got dumped on the floor and picked up hastily.

So when you walk into my card room now, this is what you find.  I managed to empty one box completely.  The other partial boxes on the couch are big chunks of the same sets for the most part.  The full box on the floor is everything that is older than the year 2000.  There is about half a row of 80's and some 70's, including a good stack of '74s - mostly stars.

The first three stacks at the top against the box are 2000, then two for 2001, and the ones between the boxes are 2002.  The next row is 2003, then 2004 with the double end, and 2005 at the bottom.  I actually started at the far end with 2006 against the far box and above the end of 2003, and then 2007 over from that against the couch, with 2008 and 2009 below.  It's not pretty but effective. 

Here is a closer look at the 2005 pile.  There is a bunch of Leather & Lumber, Studio, Prestige, Donruss Champions (another pile about that big in my extras already), Upper Deck, Donruss Elite, and Diamond Kings.  I've got 3/4 of a monster box of 2005 extras that I'll be combining with these.  That's my biggest year in extra stuff.  If you have any big lists from these sets, let me know.  I'll be showing all these piles in more detail later, and once I combine them with my other extras, there will be more sets with big chunks available.  And of course, I'll probably snarf a few set starters for myself for things I don't have.

I'll also take requests for bulk team trades from all this.  I know many team collectors just focus on Topps, but I've got all the different companies represented well.

And there are a lot of star cards and serial numbered parallels in this batch as well.  Rookies too!  There are a lot of Greg Maddux, Roger Clemens, Pedro Martinez (a bunch went to Gavin at BBCBreakdown), Jason Giambi, Vlad Guerrero (Sr.), Manny Ramirez, Randy Johnson, Frank Thomas, Mike Piazza, Nomar, Ken Griffey, Jr., and to a lesser extent -  Ichiro, David Ortiz, Albert Pujols, Jim Thome, Chipper Jones, and Mike Mussina.  So if you collect those guys and need them in these kind of sets, or your down to the big stars for the whole base set, let me know those too!

Friday, September 13, 2019

Sixth Stop On The Six State Tour

The next leg of the trip was more a return home than another venture into unknown lands.  We got stuck in Nashville after our shop visit, so the trip back to Michigan was made overnight with only brief stops.  Sunday was basically lost to travel and fatigue.  We got up Monday with no planned journey farther than Stuart's family home - a few blocks from his apartment.

I've probably visited him six or eight times since 2009, the year before the National was in Baltimore - an hour from my house.  We had been talking on the phone about cards for months, but hadn't met in person.  We figured it was a good idea to make sure neither of us was a psycho before committing to going to the convention the next year.

He likes to tell the story that we first contacted each other over a box of 2002 Upper Deck 40-Man for sale on eBay in 2007.  Stuart won the box, so I emailed him to see if we could trade singles from the set.  He responded, but I never got the message - must have gone to my spam box.  Then about a year later, he posted on Sports Card Forum about building the set.  I answered and sent my remaining wants.  He still had a stack pulled from the first communication that he realized matched my list, and figured out I was the same guy that bid on the eBay box so long ago.  This started a free-form exchange of cards between us that continues to this day.   We just send anything from PWE's to two-row shoeboxes (and bigger if we deliver them on visits.) all the time without really matching up each transaction. We've been back and forth to Michigan or Maryland pretty much each year thereafter.

So as we were climbing through some of his collection (literally), and finding binders and boxes to put away some of the singles he had picked up on our trip, he pulled out some things for me to take home.

A set of 1991-92 Topps hockey, including the Team Scoring Leaders inserts.  Highlights include Jagr second year card and Guy LaFleur tribute cards.

Some 2002 Traded and 2007 Heritage singles to potentially knock off some numbers on my current wants.  Didn't end up needing many of these, so they're available...

And some nice vintage stars!  Really shocked me with these!  Sorry, these are not up for trade.  The 66's will go in my star binder and the 68's to my set build. 

Thanks to Stuart, who is always glad to thin out the hoard a little.  Look him up on Sports Card Forum as BseballCommish75.

Next time...on to the Warehouse!

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

The Stars Aligned In Seattle

Saw a neat little article on about the Mariners and their won-loss record.

From 1995 to 2019 as of today - September 11, the Mariners record is....

1,995 and 2,019.

 Thought that was kinda cosmic....

Monday, September 09, 2019

500 Total, 400 Official

My last post was my 500th to the blog in general.

But since there were 96 posts before I proclaimed this an "official" card blog, this means that my post about the hoard that I bought is actually my 400th "official" post.

I was also able to calculate that the post about the first two visits to "Kevin & Dad's" shop in Middleburg was my 300th post.

Not that any of this makes an impact in anybody's life at this point.  My blogging has deteriorated into a haphazard schedule and I've relied on loot posts for about two weeks.  I'm publishing the one item I write at the time instead of putting in a little more effort and getting a few posts ahead.

I've already got plenty of stuff to send out and I haven't come close to getting all my stuff put away or counted yet, so no great celebration for the milestone, just continuing business as usual.

Saturday, September 07, 2019

Mountains Of Cards In Music City

After the bat factory tour, we immediately headed even further south to Nashville, Tennessee.  Stuart knew about a shop there from a previous trip.

It's another one of those shops that you can find treasures, but you have to dig.  It's located in a small shopping center just west of Route 41A and Old Hickory Blvd.

We affectionately call it "Clio South". 

There are a lot of oddball items, gaming cards, and toys.  We were there just for the cards.

Spent a few hours.  This is what I came away with.

The Cris Carter is on top of a significant stack of '95 Topps football singles.  Also found some of the Hit List inserts.  The rest are set build hits - '08 Score, '95 Ultra Senstations (watch for them in a future post), '95 SP, 1983 Fleer Team Action, '06 Rookie Debut, and '02 UD XL.

Some random Redskins that didn't look familiar.  Pacific, a Rookie Debut short print, Mayo mini, and two more XL's.

On the baseball side, some of those famous 1991 Topps variations, including one you don't see often.  A few 2002 Traded and '08 A&G set hits, plus a couple oddball player collection singles.

That rare variation was the white border Chris Hoiles.  It will reside with my copy of the Whiten card with the hand outside the border.

When we were done digging, the owner simply asked us how many we had.  We paid 10¢ each for everything.

Thursday, September 05, 2019

Went A Little Batty After The National

Trying to crank this one out before halftime of the Packers/Bears game is over.

Let's break up the loot posts with the one stop on the trip that wasn't about cardboard.  After leaving Chicago, we journeyed south to Louisville, Kentucky and stayed right downtown.  The next morning, we got up and went a few blocks to the Louisville Slugger bat factory and museum.

Louisville Slugger is not actually the name of the company that makes the bats, it's just the product line.  Hillerich & Bradsby was founded in 1884 and is still family owned and operated.

In the lobby outside the museum, there is a large wall display of all the nameplates of all the players that have used or are using LS bats throughout the history of the game.

There is a nice multi-area display in the museum that shows the different kinds of bats, a lot of the great players that used them, and other features of the manufacturing process and history of the product.

The factory tour is quite interesting and walks you through each step of the process.  Photographs aren't allowed on the tour, so these pics are some I found online. 

You walk right through the place while they're working, so you have to stay in certain areas for safety.

It's neat to see each step in the manufacturing, including the diverse finishes they use.  Some bats are flame treated, some are dipped in varnishes or coatings, some get decals or paint.

And you get a small souvenir bat at the end of the tour. 

Well worth the visit if you're ever in the area.

Now, back to football.  Next time, another quick stop in Music City.

Sunday, September 01, 2019

National Day 3 (Part B)

Hmpf.  Completely missed posting Friday.  Had my nose firmly entrenched in the monster box hoard....

So on the Friday of the National, I met up with one of the blogosphere's most dedicated fans and indirect contributors, Mr. Haverkamp.  We swapped a few cards and then I took down some of his want lists to pursue there at the show.

Then later in the day, we met up again and traded the vintage cards I had found for him, along with some straight cash, for a mind-blowing array of things from my lists.  Behold!

Click on the picture to see it full size.  It's the best view you'll get of this stuff.  I accidentally double shrank some of the separate pictures later, so come back to this one.

This shot won't zoom any better, but you can just make out who a lot of these players are since they are familiar stars.  These are much bigger names than the ones I bought myself.  I was amazed at the star power he brought me. Both Ryan highlights and most of the others, Carew, Palmer, Carlton, and a couple of the bigger MVPs!

This pic is over-smallified too.  Check out those Ruth & Mantle UD Heroes, though!  I'd never actually seen the Ruth ones at all, and the Micks are tough to find too.  An always welcom Jeter hit to 2007 Bowman Heritage, and some Heritage inserts from the '57 tribute set.  Zimmer and the much sought after Clemente Dodger Archive cards came along with a batch of Topps '52s from 2006.

Some oddballs too.  A full size and a mini (that I duplicated) from Topps T205 and a triple folder.  There's only 100 of those things, but it seems they never end.  And some '74 Kellogg's lenticular lusciousness for you.  (Doubled up on a couple of those too).

A good picture of the few vintage football that we exchanged.  I got a couple different years of Gale Sayers at the show, so I'm not sure I got this one from him or not.

And the prettiest stuff for last.  At least you can see them clearly.  '77 Charlie's Angels paired with some 2008 A&G mini World Leaders.  I had the shark minis in another shot with these, but that one isn't worth posting.

Can't thank Mr. Haverkamp enough for the trade/sale.  Was the best haul of my National!

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

National Day 3 (Part A)

Been sifting through the baseball part of "the hoard" I just bought.  Haven't wanted to do much of anything else since I brought it all home.  Suffice to say if anyone has want lists for sets in the 2000s that include Hall Of Famers or some rookies, I should be able to help you out.  More on that later.

For now, here's the last portion of my 2019 National purchases - almost all of them.

A couple '64s from a husband & wife dealer who I've bought from before.  They usually have good deals on vintage.  Somebody just posted about getting that Koufax WS one cheap.  And ya gotta love Kellogg's 3-D goodness!  Most of these were a dollar or less, with the stickered ones half off.

Check out that Padres uniform with the green sleeves underneath!

More vintageness from another guy's stuff that was nicely priced.  The 57's were two bucks and the '64s were a dollar a shot.

Meant to crop a couple of these better.  Something from several decades - '75 minis - this was the first of two batches of these I got that day.  The other one is even better.  The '53 Heritage, Fleer Yanks and DKs were all a quarter or so.  More lenticulars from the previous dealer to knock down the other set I'm building.  More of those to come this day as well.

This batch I got towards the end of the day.  My Stadium Club list took a real beating.  Got some inserts for the same price as the base cards.  Plus bonuses of Griffey and two flagship inserts.  Not sure if I got another Griffey in my A&G boxes, but this one was to round out a "3-fer" offer at this table.

These came from a seller that prices his stuff by the color of the toploaders.  If I recall, red was $5 and white was $3 or something like that.  Decent prices for these particular cards.

The lone hockey card I got was actually found by Stuart.  At least I can say I killed one vintage set at the National!

One of my favorite vintage dealers had a big row of 1950 Bowman.  I got on a roll finding ones that fit my set and were around the $4-$6 range (with a few exceptions of the scarcer ones).  The stack was so big, I had to make a special trip back to the ATM.  But aren't these nice?

 See if you can pick out this guy's card in the group photo above.  He generally goes by his nickname.

"Dizzy" is halfway into the second row.

Some of these complete the variations that are with and without the copyright lines on the back.

I had one more vintage purchase that I messed up and pulled the trigger a bit too soon, but I'll leave that for a future post.  Next time - A combination purchase and trade from a guy that most of you know really well.  And the stuff was even better than this!