Tuesday, July 04, 2023

A Century of Swaps

Just hit a landmark in my TCDB trades.  Completed my 100th trade in total on the site.  About 70 of which have happened coninuously since the first of May.

Most of them have been the typical PWE with somewhere from 6 to 15 cards each.  The extremes have been....

...as small as two for one.  (This burns up stamps a bit too fast.  I'd rather wait until we have at least a half dozen or so.  You know, fill the envelope to some degree)...

...to the massive exchange.  This one was very lopsided too.  That's how I like 'em.  I get a bunch of cool stuff, but still manage to move out a big pile.

I won't bore you with the large batches of base cards for sets like 2020 Prestige & 2019 Score football, or 2003 Upper Deck baseball that I've dwindled down from multiple deals.  But here are some other highlights to my recent exchanges.

The most fun ones are the diverse batches.  A little bit of everything.  Mulitple sports, inserts, sets that you don't see any more, and on and on.  These are from a dozen sent by GeoGeo.

Doing well on some of the serial numbered inserts in sets like Donruss Classics and Playoff Honors.  A pair here from 49ants, who is probably the leader in most trades so far with six.

Mike also contributed to the marble flavor of these 1996 Ultra Sensations...

...and even one of the last five 1971 Topps Game football I had left to find.  Mike is also in my original trading group from Yahoo!, Trading Bases.

These look like more old-school-ish football, but these two sets of Members Only Stadium Club are actually listed under Multi-Sport.  Took me a while to find them.  Thanks to 49ants, I don't have to worry about them any more.

Trader Midnight112x also pitched in to the Washington football effort with these two serial numbered beauties.  Gotta love acetate die-cuts especially.

Speaking of beauties, CH34 added this one in at the end of a line of 2020 Prestige football.  I had a couple parallels, but not the horizontal base card.

And finally, Oldschoolcards sent a trade that included this Hostess Hernandez, and a genuine '78 Andre Dawson, which I'm glad I bypassed paying a lot of cash for at a show earlier this year.  I was almost more excited about the nine 1980 Fleer logo stickers that I picked out...

...because they completed (until I found I was missing 1952) my World Series back set.  They run from 1940 until 1979 on the backs of these stickers.  They are reprints of the '71 cards.  I might have to go back to him to get the last one.

Thanks to all the traders on the Database, and to all my readers for checking in.