Friday, December 17, 2010

2010 SeX Minnesota Yacht Club #3/4

The infamous Vikings boat scandal immortalized in an "event-used" multi-swatch card.  Allegedly, there were strippers, gambling and drinking going on, so you have swatches of cash, lingerie, dice, and a jersey patch.  Numbered 3/4 since Culpepper was cleared of charges.  Not sure if the others were ever exonerated or not.

It's been forever since I posted, mostly due to other things taking my "screen time".  It takes me hours to put one of these together - I need to go get a more modern graphics program that does layers.  Any recommendations?  With what I've got, I spend a lot of time cutting and pasting stuff on top of each other and trimming edges to combine items. 

Next ideas I have been considering are Pete Rose gambling, and a reality TV version of the jersey card.  Stay Tuned....