Thursday, April 21, 2005

Cognitive Byproducts ~ Part Three

A continuing series of random thoughts, questions, and musings accumulated over time.
  • Haven't posted in a month, I'm slackin'. See next item. I'm becoming such a sports fan. I guess there are worse pursuits to get lost in...
  • I've jumped on the baseball bandwagon and am following the Nationals and Orioles every day. I think I like listening to games on the radio better than watching on TV. Seems to me that it wouldn't be that tough to get tickets to the average night game at RFK, since the crowds total about 25000 and the stadium holds 40000. Going to a game in September already, but may try to go to one sooner. And the Orioles are cheaper....
  • I'm seriously considering writing to the local government and law enforcement to find out how to start a public campaign to educate people on acceleration lanes and how to legally and safely enter a highway. Every day I see people with an unconscious death wish who pull right out into the traffic lanes doing about 30 instead of speeding up to 55 first. And some will cross both lanes. Wake up people! It's a highway! That's not the shoulder, it's a lane for you to use so you don't kill yourself or anyone else!

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