Thursday, August 18, 2016

2016 National Convention Loot - part 2

Thursday was the first full day on the dealer floor.  My friend Bill came with me this time.  He's not a collector really, but he is a Redskins (and general sports) fan.  He was looking at Kirk Cousins jerseys and old Life magazines.  At one point, we spotted NY Giant legendary linebacker Lawrence Taylor behind one vendor's counter.

I first wanted to see if I could get my targeted boxes of 2016 Allen & Ginter for the same price I had seen the night before.  Steel City had a stack of five boxes on their display table Wednesday night during the preview which were marked at $80 each.  This is a three dollar apiece discount on their regular online price.  I should have known at the time to grab them, but I didn't want to carry them around, so I figured they would be there for the same rate the next day.   When I walked up to their area, they were refilled, but now they were $85.  I asked the closest rep guy if I could get them for the night before's price.  He consulted with another associate who quickly nixed that idea and said they couldn't do any better than 85.  Well, that was now OVER what they were selling for online.

So I walked to the next area and bought my four boxes from Blowout for $82 each.

I stashed them at the Sports Card Forum table (thanks Don!) and went about shopping for more singles.  I'll show the pulls from these boxes later.

I eventually came upon a dealer who had some singles boxes marked at 3/$1.  I sat down and perused the contents.  I came away with some very nice star cards, vintage football singles, and some other oddballs.  A lot of these would be at least $1 cards elsewhere.   In these pictures, I've actually mixed some of the 3/$1 and some of the next day's 25¢ purchases (like the Fleer team actions especially).

If a vendor is selling big stars from the mid-80s, and then '77, '74, and '72 for 33¢ each, I say "YES PLEASE!".

The other bargain I found was a seller right at the back side of the big company areas that had 1972 Topps baseball high numbers - in the same middling condition as the rest of my set, plus a bunch of really decent '64s for a BUCK a SHOT.  Again - "YES PLEASE!".  I put away most of the '72s before I took pictures of my loot, but here are a couple highlights...

Just a sampling - I actually got like 15 high number '72s like these for $1 each!
Here are the '64s -

After going over all the '72s and '64s he had, plus a couple odd '70s, I ended up with exactly 50.

Nothing better than nice bargain vintage!

Next time - the most meticulous seller (with good prices) I've ever dealt with...and the quarter boxes!

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