Monday, August 15, 2016

2016 National Convention Loot - part 1

Hey look!  Card related content on my blog site!  Watch for lightning!!

This is the first of a multi-part series just to show off what I got at the 2016 National Sports Collectors Covention in Atlantic City.

I purchased the VIP ticket package, mostly for the giveaway cards and the sneak preview shopping on Wednesday night.  I actually stayed with my friend in Rehoboth Beach instead of getting a hotel in AC.  So it was a bit of a commute each day, but it got easier as I went along.  More on that later.

I started to put my stuff away here at home, but then thought I might as well take pictures of it first so I can post about it here.  Not my best photographic work.

So first, I attended the VIP reception.  It was the usual situation - three times as many people as there were chairs and tables, so there were lines for the autograph guests forming long before they came out, and when they said that the food was coming out there was a mild stampede for that.  Anyway, I got something to eat and then got in line for Roy White and then Art Shamsky and got these (shown in the 1970 set binder):


Then I figured I'd hit my favorite dealer for current inserts, especially since he was right in the front row of the floor.  I killed a lot of my 2016 Topps insert wants.  A little too many, actually, because I hadn't edited my list to exclude some that I had coming in trade already.  Oh well, I always buy dupes no matter what show I go to.

I'm not positive I got this on the first night, but I'll put it here anyway.  Was browsing one dealer's vintage selections that he had in small boxes seperated by year and price.  I have a short list of  HOF'ers that I don't have any cards of,  I found one of them here.  Here's a nice Preacher Roe with the Dodgers, that was already way below book at eight bucks, marked down to four!  Thank you very much!  The guy didn't think I was old enough to know who Preacher Roe is.  I get that a lot.  People are usually surprised when I tell them my age.  Guess I look a lot younger, which is nice...

That's my first night at the show.  Coming soon, the next full day.  Some even bigger bargains!


Chris said...

Nice Preacher Roe! Can't beat that deal. I'm always on the hunt for Brooklyn Dodgers cards. Don't have a Roe but I have a Carl Erskine, Clem Labine, Carl Furillo, Billy Loes - I don't know much about them except names and positions, but I do peek at baseball-reference whenever I pick one up.

GCA said...

Stay tuned for part 4 where I'll finish my 1957 Brooklyn team set. Started when I bought a collection (which doesn't happen often) from a guy who was a Dodger fan.