Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Charity in New York, Robbery in Texas

As my favorite NFL columnist would say, "Ere the clock struck midnight," the Redskins stole a victory from the Dallas Cowboys in Texas. Not only was it the first win for our side in a long time, it came on a night where the Cowboy hype was at a high level. "The Triplets" - Aikman, Emmitt, and Irvin - were inducted onto the Ring of Fame in Texas Stadium. The last minute scores by Brunell and Santana Moss brought a sudden end to the joy of Dallas fans, including those who were broadcasting the game. ABC commentators Al Michaels and John Madden practically insulted the 'Skins all night. Everything they said came from what Dallas was doing so great, even though the game was rather even. Now granted, the Redskins didn't do anything spectacular until late in the game, but Al & John were making them laughing stocks of the NFL. They glossed over facts like the Cowboys were forced to punt almost as much as the Redskins all night, and that the Cowboys had scored on a gadget play. The highlights during the game included only the Washington mistakes. It all turned around after the first touchdown came with 3:46 to go. It wasn't pretty, but it's a win. And with a bye week coming up, we have two weeks to savor it!

Some notes from Week 2 in the NFL:
  • I thought Dallas had a good chance to win based solely on the fact that they were sporting those snappy throwback uniforms! I hate Dallas, but I dig the throwbacks!
  • Of course, that theory is only partially held up by Buffalo's 1-1 record so far. They've been in the retro threads for both of their games. Gotta love 'em! Don't see anything on their site about why they're wearing them. Is it an anniversary year or something?
  • With all the fund-raising going on in New York for the Gulf Coast hurricane relief, could somebody divert a little cash for the Giants uniform fund? Their outfits looked like something they got as a donation from three different high schools in the 70's. Yee-uck!!! Blue helmets, red and white jerseys they must've stolen from Ohio State, and those hideous gray pants and high red socks. [OMG, guess what, they're throwbacks too!] Send your dollars today...
  • Something tells me that 1) Donovan McNabb isn't hurt that bad, and 2) San Francisco is going to get a top 5 draft pick again next year.
  • YES! New England is mortal! Broadcasters across the country are mourning their favorite quarterback's loss this week. Look, I still say Brady is overrated. Belichick and his staff deserve more of the gushing love that Tom is given every week because they are the ones who devise the schemes that get the receivers open and keep the defenders out of his face. I could hit a receiver who has no one around him for ten yards too if I had all day to throw!
  • The Minister of Defense smiled down on his family and fans in Green Bay, but winced at the Packers loss.
  • Minnesota Vikings quarterback Duante Culpepper has been awarded honorary promotional cash from the Pillsbury company for all his turnovers this year. Also, they just signed Koren Robinson, former drop-prone Seattle receiver. Better get him a pair of oven mitts!
  • Alarming stat of the week: Kyle Orton and Gus Frerotte had more touchdown passes than Peyton Manning!

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