Wednesday, August 05, 2020

Chillin' In The AC

My air conditioning is working fine.  I just replaced it in January.  My electric bills haven't risen above $60 per month since.  But I'm not here to talk about that "AC".

The 2020 National Sports Collector's Convention has been pushed to December 12 instead of it's usual calendar spot the last week of July into August.  It's slated for Atlantic City, NJ.  We'll see if it happens at all or not. 
This is the first time in several years that I haven't taken two weeks off at this point in the summer.  I'm usually traveling to Michigan and then to Chicago, or my trading buddy Stuart comes down to Maryland if the show is closer.  Then the other week is spent galavanting to all the local dealers and antique shops in the area. 

Was looking forward to hunting for all these things at the show:
  • Killing the rest of the inserts for 2019 Topps Update.  COVID-19 shut down all the shows right before I had a chance to fill out my Update lists.

  • Finish what's left of 2020 Topps & Heritage.  At least I've had some nice trading during all this.  I'm well on the way to finishing Heritage and the Decade's Best from Series 1. 

  • Finding a couple decent and cheap Wayne Gretzky rookies.  Both of us need that and the funky error on League Leader card #8 to kill our 1979-80 hockey sets.
  • Lots of player collection oddballs and some moon & space sets like 1963 Topps Astronauts, and singles from 1990 Starline Americana, '02 American Pie, and '13 Golden Age.
  • 1977 Charlie's Angels to finish my set, and Paige wrestling cards.

  • Killing a bunch of my football sets from 2008 to now.

  • Getting a good deal on some more vintage hockey starters.

  • Crushing my 1968 baseball set build and maybe even finding the last '59 variation.
  • Maybe getting lucky and finally landing my T205 Mathewson.

  • And meeting a few more fellow bloggers in person!

And then at a few different Michigan shops:
  • Finding a set or box of 1990 Topps football with the disclaimer backs.

  • Knocking out big chunks of older cheap sets.

  • Spending a whole day digging through rooms packed to the ceiling with nothing but white boxes and binders of cards.

Just have to wait and see.  At this point, even just the monthly show with a few dozen vendors would be nice...


  1. Good luck finding a cheap Gretzky rookie.

  2. I have a list of things to hunt for nearly as long and I sure do miss chasing cardboard in the wild, but I'm not sure when I'll be brave enough to go to a show.