Sunday, June 04, 2023

Appealing To The Masses

Just a quick post with some snapshots from around Collective headquarters.  I'm so entrenched in entering my extras on the Database, and keeping up with all the trade offers, that I'm not doing much of anything else hobby-wise.  This includes putting away all the stuff I'm getting in trade or have essentially swapped from my COMC stock.

This is the desk in the card room where I put everything that I've processed (crossed off my lists).  The front row is all new incoming cards from trades or purchases - generally in the last few months.  The piles further back are sets I've started but not necessarily listed yet, or misc. singles that I've pulled from the "hoard" that I thought might interest a particular collector. 

For example, these are all the baseball set hits I've accumulated since late April or so - maybe sooner.  And they showed up primarily in PWEs that averaged a dozen cards at a time.

One of the collections that's grown the most is my player PC of Edwin Jackson.  This is why I'm the leading EJ collector on TCDB.  (Thanks to all the traders on there for making it possible.)  I don't have him on my website, he's managed only on the Database.  I laid all his singles that have come in on top of a 5000 count box.  They almost didn't fit.  Haven't put them in any order yet.

Another very diverse batch has recently accumulated of Bo Jackson.  I will confess, a couple of these are from my COMC swap.  But some traders have had some really interesting ones available.

Some other colorful additions include Chad Kuhl.  You can tell by the paper inserts that all but one of these was from COMC.  And that one was a dupe that showed up in a trade right after I placed my order.  Kuhl is the only foray into present-year cards that I have going right now.

And finally, these are some recent dupes (that actually go back to before I've been trading so intensely, but no matter).  The majority are player collection hits that I already had.  All these are available by request if you see something you need.  Bonus for reading through this far....


  1. Well I read through to the end, but won't claim any cards. You have your hands full!

  2. Bo would be a fun guide to PC. You could divide the collection by sports.

    P.S. I'd be interested in the Swinging A's card.

    1. I do actually have his baseball and football in separate sections in the binder. They occasionally mix when in a series of Broders, of which he is the King. Tough to figure out the year on those sometimes.

  3. I'll sign up for the Greatest Seasons Palmer ... I think some of those Jackson I sent.

  4. Slow and steady wins the race!