Sunday, March 24, 2024

Night Owl Skillfully Navigates My Lists

As I returned home from the annual Ephrata, PA card show Saturday (more on that in a later post), I was greeted with a package from Night Owl in my mailbox.

The banner item was this 4½" x 7" Claude Osteen Ticketron photo.  On the back in the 1971 Dodgers schedule.  This will go well with the other oversize things of him in my PC.

Man, if you could go back and be there for the Sunday autographs sessions...


Also included were these two Cal Ripkens.  The A&G is the shiny flavor, and the left one must be from Archives or something, it has the '69 design on the back.

The bulk of this package was current Stadium Club, however.  I really like these Triumvirates, even though they're really tough to put together.  I decided I wanted the first three from the Orioles at least.  One down, two to go.


The rest were hits from my base set that are what's left after my break of compact boxes a few weeks ago.  Still had a lot of them to find.


The majority of them were, of course, Dodgers.  Some big names too!

Even if I was unaware they are now Dodgers...

Or some that are iconic in blue...

Or just iconic....

The fascinating thing is, at my first stop at the show, I picked out 58 base singles from the same Stadium Club set.  When I saw NOwl had SC for me, I thought "Oh geez, I probably duplicated half of them."

But alas, there were NO duplicates.  We "dodged" that bullet. (ba dum bum)  Amazing!

So, to keep the exchange cycle going, I'll be sending this along to New York.  

I have another show in two weeks that's even bigger, so I'll try again to hit some more, and hopefully find some other blogger's wants as well.

Thanks for the read.  Next time - my show haul....


  1. Tickettron sounds so futuristic for 1971. Very cool. And that SC Gwynn is awesome too. Don't think I've seen that photo used on one of his cards before.

  2. You're too kind, that was flat-out luck. ... Yes, the Ripken on the left is from 2023 Archives. It imitates the posters from '69.

  3. I think that you're only person I've ever heard of that collects Claude Osteen; and I think that that's pretty awesome!