Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Checking Out In The Express Lane

One of the other great bargains I got was late in the show when I came across a gentleman that had a couple rows of vintage stars marked "90% off".  I think I was actively chasing what seemed to be the popular target - 1967 high numbers (that's right, Night Owl) for my friend's set.  So I dove into the discount box and came up with this:

Now that's not a bad Nolan Ryan for $20, I would say...

Normally I wouldn't go for a card with so many little creases and such, but my 1970 and '72 Topps sets' average condition is stunningly mediocre.  In fact, the high numbers are going to be the nicest parts of those two sets when it's all said and done.  So the ol' fireballer fits right in, even though he'll probably go in my star binder instead of the '70 set.

Had to really hunt for discount vintage at the show, but I did find a couple good deals like this.

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