Friday, August 25, 2017

Freebies From the Young Dudes

So I'm walking down the aisle at the National, looking for the next desirable table, and these three young guys are coming the other way.  The middle one says "Hey dude, you want some cards?" and hands me a stack.  Another says, "Have some more!" and adds to the pile. Their tone seemed a bit mocking, but hey, I got free cards.  I'm like "What, you guys don't like base cards or something?"  And they're gone.  Not sure if they had just opened some packs for a redemption, were high end mojo hunters (= base card snobs), or they worked at one of the booths, or what, but I'm not knocking it.

Stolen from another website.  I should have taken way more pics!

Anyone want some 2017 Classics football?

I'm still working on the 2016 version of this set and it's endless inserts.  I'm not as big a fan of this year's design compared to that one.  So basically my good fortune is also yours.

You can send me numbers, or pick the names from these scans.  Here are the inserts and yellow parallels....

The rest of the inserts and all the rookies.  (Have to show those first, right?)

Now the current players.  I'm so good at pulling Big Ben from packs....

And finally, my favorite part, the retired players.

Hit me up with your needs and check my wantlists.  Let's trade these!


Chris said...

If you dont mind putting the Packers in a PWE for me, I'll send you my Russell Wilson Topps RC. Shoot me an e-mail.

Adam Kaningher said...

This happened to me once at a card show, too. I ended up with a whole slew of Hockey, Basketball, and football cards in a brown lunch bag. Guess they were just prospecting and I ended up with the tailings.

Fuji said...

Back when I worked at my LCS, there were always a handful of regulars who busted boxes and left the base. Most of the time, we'd leave the cards on the counter and give them to kids who came in. One man's junk... is another man's treasure, right?