Monday, August 07, 2017

Most Wanted Fugitives Captured!

In preparation for my trip to the National and another Michigan shop tour, I collected the "Most Wanted" lists from several bloggers.  And I managed to find a few!

These items are being packaged for mailing.  I have notified the recipients already.  There are a couple others that I remembered someone wanting, but can't recall who it was.

Found a couple 80's Traded cards for Dime Box Nick at the National from a dealer's box of all early 80's.

Then later, while in Clio, MI at Collectibles Unlimited, I dug these out for Night Owl.

Not high-dollar purchases by any means, but I'm just glad I remembered to look for them.

Now here are the ones I thought someone wanted, but can't figure out who.  Could be that they got 'em already, but if not, let me know and I'll get them out to their new home.

It's probably been a little while, but I swear someone had this on their wanted list.  I recall the reference to the hockey stick.  Who was it?

This one is still current year product, so it's likely that it got knocked off whoever's want list I saw it on by pack pull, single purchase or trade.  I want to say it's a Brewer collector, but it isn't the most obvious ones that I know.  Is it you?


Nick said...

Thanks for digging up the Tenace/Forster! Must've missed the guy with all the early '80s stuff, I would've been all over those. You might've seen the Glavine on my Dime Box Dozen list, it was on there in the past but I've since acquired a copy.

GCA said...

Ah, OK. Maybe that was it.

I should have taken more pictures from the National floor. Thought about taking a video while walking from one end to the other and back, but buying frenzy took over quickly.