Monday, October 31, 2016

No Breakdown in this trade!

Thanks to defgav from Baseball Card Breakdown for some cool real cards, and some entertaining custom mock-ups as well. 

He hit me with these two post-career Jim Palmers that I didn't have.  A remarkable feat since I have several pages of them in the binder, but don't have any of my player collection post-career stuff cataloged on my website, and only have a few players' post-career cards (including Palmer's) as scans and printouts that I keep with my lists that remain on paper.

 Also included were two set hits - the Homegrown Heroes insert from 2013 Hometown Heroes, and 2014 Gypsy Queen Don Mattingly which was one of the last three cards I need for that base set.  (Anyone have a spare Jeter and Rivera SP?)

The rest of the package was one sided printouts on glossy paper, cut to regulation size of some Orioles in the 1962 Topps design...

 That Frank Robinson is fantastic.  One of these days I'll figure out how to print my own customs onto real card stock, with properly aligned backs and everything.

The last one, which he wrote his note on, had me LMAO.  Poor Billy is just the black sheep....

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  1. Glad you like! The '62s were extras from a recent project that I figured I'd throw in.