Monday, December 11, 2017

Baker's Dozen From Dime Box Nick

Tomorrow I go back to work, so it's chill time for the dog.  I hope.

Today I got a package from Nick with return fire from our recent trade.

A couple post-career Palmers...

The SP is oriented "correctly", but the back is upside down.

A few more player collection hits...

Fleer box set Fisk, nice SI Sparky, and a Toys'R'Us Mussina.

Also got some 2017 inserts etc.

Short-print Jackie, Untouch Able Rocket, and Carlton All timer.

A pair of Series 2 '87s...And a pair of Update ones....

But the star of the show....

Oh, Heidi....


  1. Love that Heidi Watney card! I hunted it for weeks and weeks on COMC and finally got one during the Black Friday sale. Best card of the year!

  2. Glad you enjoyed everything! Figured Heidi would be the star of the show.