Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Secret Santa Loot

Matt from Bob Walk The Plank initiated the blogger Secret Santa this year.  I joined in now that I consider myself a legit blogger instead of a few-posts-a-year guy.

I ended up getting drawn by the chairman himself, as I got a package from Matt today.  He hit my player collection needs very nicely, and added some extras too, like a gold magnet One-Touch holder.

Bo Jackson 1995 Cyberstats parallel.  Bo's whole career could be a good subject for the predictive Cyberstat concept.  Had he not injured himself early, what could his numbers have really been?

Some shiny and serial numbered Royce Claytons, from another of his many team transitions.  These are great.

Some parallel Livans.  I love it when I get the actual parallels like this, instead of the base cards.

Shiny Mooses!  There's a concept you don't hear often.

And some shiny Redskins too.  The reddish Portis is numbered to 10!  Wow!  Matt, you knocked it higher than Santa's sleigh flies!


  1. Thanks for joining in! Glad you liked the cards. I've had those Portis cards for years. Glad they have a good home now.

  2. I love all the Secret Santa posts! Nice haul there!

  3. Nice group of cards there.

  4. Sweet Mussina Artist Proof!