Friday, December 28, 2018

Don't Look A Gift Box In The Mojo

Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth is an admonishment to be grateful when receiving a present and not to find fault with that present. A horse’s teeth change as it ages, and looking in its mouth is a good way to judge the health and value of a horse. To question the value of a gift is an insult.
This is a rare occasion!  I really never actually get cards as gifts from people that don't collect themselves.  My good friends on my pool team that I also dog-sit for gave me a Holiday Box of Topps snowflakes this year.

 It's always a gamble if you actually ask non-collectors to buy you cards.  They may end up with something that you've finished a long time ago, or wouldn't actually buy yourself.  But this was a good choice.  I hadn't considered picking these up before, but since they are free, and I've cut back on the inserts for the flagship set, these will fit right in with those.

These have been shown enough that there's nothing new to see here really.  I'm just glad to get guys like Acuna and Trout.  Pardon the fuzzy picture.

These are my "sparkle flakes" as it were.  Story and Mauer aren't bad, but nobody earth shaking here.

Pretty decent pull for a single hit box.  I have a tendency to pull Miggys, much to the chagrin of my Michigan friends.

My base needs are listed on my wants site.  All of the other stuff is tradeable, even Miggy for the right player.


  1. Cabrera looks so young and skinny on that relic card.

  2. nice gift! I don't buy these myself but wouldn't turn them down either. And I agree with Fuj - looks like a younger Miggy with a shopped 2018 "Mr I" patch.