Monday, December 17, 2018

Two Hauls From My New Favorite Shop (300th post)

There is a guy on YouTube who posts videos that he makes when he finds card shops or booths in antique stores and flea markets.  His moniker is Jabs Family.  I love that they discover new sources of cardboard, but the stuff they actually buy is kinda goofy by my standards.  I can tell they are youg guys that aren't in it to collect for sentimental reasons. 

I was watching one briefly, (I have to quit because he's wearing a camera and keeps turning quickly which makes me motion sick after a while) about a shop they found northwest of Hagerstown in Middleburg.  It's called Blue Ridge Collectables, and it's right up the road from where the monthly show used to be.

A week or so after they posted, I went up there and was amazed to find the sheer volume that they had in star cards, inserts, oddballs, vintage, gamers & autos, wax boxes and complete sets.  The booth has three sides and they're filled to the gills with monster boxes of 25¢, 50¢, and $1 mixed singles, as well as some boxes sorted by player, some by single year, and the football in the back by team.  Then the binders have commons from many different sets and years, plus oddballs and inserts sorted to varying degrees.

I've since made another trip up there before Christmas shopping took over as a priority (with only two weeks left, I had to draw the line).

Here are the results of my visits.  I've combined them since I couldn't fit any of it on my sorting table at the moment. 

A few random Redskins from a small box of 2018 stuff.  One odd insert from 2011.  And a big batch of 1978 Fleet Team Action football.  I got those and the oversize Favre while my phone was still working on the first trip.  Luckily, I had a printed list of '71 football so I could still pull these after the phone died.

Oddballs everywhere.  Those two mini puzzles were spur of the moment buys that ended up being dupes, but for 25 and 50¢, I couldn't go wrong.  Some great finds with the two stamps, the Milk Duds Kessinger, the funky Fisk sticker thing, and the Keller et al TCMA.

There are entire binders full of past year inserts.  I came back the second time and loaded up on most of these 2003 Topps inserts.  The Cal's from '96 are excellent finds.  I actually picked up the entire set of the oversize version of those Cals from this place too for a buck a shot.  I already sheeted 'em up, so I didn't take a picture.  Great to knock off a couple more Hygrade variants too, as well as my last Fleer Extra Bases base card.  The Aarons are reprints from 2000 or so.  And the 2005 Donruss checklists are SPs.

Stupid reflections - I can't take good pictures at night
anywhere in the house without reflections. 
I was overjoyed to find '75 minis - especially for a quarter or two each.  The Coopy Rickey kills my set, except for a couple of the SP colorized ones.  More SPs and inserts from 2000's sets.  And rounding it off are some 2017 Topps.

There are also boxes of inserts separated by year that go back to about 2006.  The vast majority are Topps, but that's a great resource to have for trading.  Return trips are guaranteed.

A better look at the minis.

The bulk of my first visit was all these from 2006 Heritage.  Pretty much a broken set in a binder.  I cleaned up.

I'll be a regular customer up there from now on.  And I'll be able to make some awesome trades this coming year too.


  1. Congrats on finding such an awesome card shop! I especially like the '71 Topps football and the Topps baseball inserts. Great pickups!

  2. Geez, that was a solid two trips worth of stuff! Looks like my kind of place too. It was nice to see that you found one of the Milk Duds that you were after. I gotta say though, that those kids in the video aren't terribly interesting, hopefully they don't quit their day jobs.

  3. I started watching his videos a little over a month ago. He finds some pretty cool stuff from time to time. I think the reason I'm into his videos is because he's in it to make money and I'm not. It's just interesting to see things from a different point of view.

    Anyways... I'm jealous that I don't have one of these place in my area. I'd hit it up once or twice a month too.

  4. I've watched those videos from time to time and have wanted to make a trip to the eastern US ever since. You don't find that kind of stuff where I live -- no way I'm finding a Don Kessinger Milk Duds oddball for anything near 50 cents at a card shop around here.

  5. I stumbled across his videos a couple of weeks ago. Definitely in it for the money; the ones I saw he put everything he bought up for sale, although he did so for the amount he paid for them.