Monday, February 11, 2019

A Spot Of Tea And A Look To The Stars

More progress on the Astronaut / Space binder this past week.  Another eBay arrival.  This time it was from across the pond in Great Britain.  Seller grahame_ing has what appears to be all the different non-sport sets from Brooke Bond Tea.

Here is a scan of my Race Into Space set all paged up.

These sets all have corresponding album books that the cards can be attached to.  I'm still looking for an empty book.  Don't actually want to paste the cards in it, but there is a lot of background info in the book.

The cards are standard mini size, but the stock is rather thin.  Kinda like '81 Donruss.  I got them in five stacks of 10 folded in a blank piece of paper in a plain envelope.  They were perfectly fine and it made for cheap shipping, even from overseas.

I love the detail in so many of these artist renderings.  The scans don't do the color justice because they're scanned through the plastic pages.

The set is from 1971, so some of the text is very speculative about future NASA projects.

Above are the backs for the last five cards.  One is about basically what amounted to the Space Shuttle that wouldn't fly for another ten years or so.  It's really interesting that they must have planned to do a lot of this stuff so far in advance.

These are really cool, being vintage-y and still so affordable.  Too bad they didn't do American sports.  But if you're into history or nature, check out the set site and then find them online.  (See links above)



  1. Awesome, those look really nice! The Space Shuttle was being planned in the early 1970s while the Apollo program was still going on. The Space Shuttle was actually the reason the later Apollo missions were they could use those funds now for the Space Shuttle.

  2. Awesome set. I've considered picking up a few vintage sets from across the pond. They're so affordable for their age. Never understood why they're so cheap.

  3. Great-looking cards! And a cool font for "The Race Into Space" headings on the back.