Friday, April 23, 2021

I'll Give You The Moon And The Stars

A while back, I saw an item on eBay that I thought would be a good addition to my Moon & Space binder.  It's not actually a trading card set, but a set of game cards.  

They're the 1984 Space Rockets trump game from West Germany.  Made by a company called Altenburg-Stralsunder.  It's a 32 card set comprised of eight groups of four.  Each card has stats on the bottom under several categories that determine the winner of each round when compared to the other cards thrown in with it.

They are grouped by Space Shuttle, US rockets, European rockets, etc.  The photos are really nice.  Rocket launches lend themselves to spectacular photography.  Here's the back....

The set was less than ten bucks, so I wasn't totally distraught when I got them, but was annoyed to find out that every card had at least one tack hole in it, except for the title card.

Needless to say, the seller didn't get the full five stars for the auction.  But since they were cheap, I didn't hit them with a negative.  And recently, I found another set for a similar price.  The only difference was the title card.

They fit quite nicely in 8-pocket (horizontal) sheets.  The catch is, since it's a 33 card set, the title card has to go somewhere else.  4 x 8 pockets = 32, of course.

The benefit for you is that I'm giving away the original set.  It comes in a plastic box that is kinda damaged too, but still works.  I have extra boxes just like it that I used to have similar game cards with race cars and motorcycles on, but I don't know what happened to those (Look out Billy, I might find them later).  So if you don't care about the box, I'll ship the original, or let me know if you want a better box.  If the tack holes don't bother you, I don't imagine the box will either.  They are still playable if nothing else.  For incentive, I can throw in an unopened pack of Space Shots (series 2) cards.

I guess the first request will get it, unless I get a couple enthusiastic responses, and then I suppose I might have to have a contest or bids for trades.  I'll watch the comments...


  1. Very cool oddball set! When I was a kid, each space shuttle launch was a big event and we'd get to watch them in school. I know that there are some space collectors out there who might want this for their collection... but if nobody show an interest I'd love to add a shuttle card to my collection.

  2. Figured you would be one of the first responses. :)

    1. It had to do with timing. Work has been a little crazy, so I've been a little behind on my blog reading. This morning I woke up and dedicated a few hours to catching up.

  3. The cards are attractive, but the game doesn't look like it would be very much fun though, and probably wouldn't hold up to multiple playings.

  4. Super Trump :)

    I'd be interested if no one else is, but since several days have passed, congrats to Fuji!