Friday, April 02, 2021

Ralph 316 Says I Got 'Em All!

I am now completely finished with 1959 Topps baseball, one of my all-time favorite sets.  About a week ago, I received the last of the variations - #316 Ralph Lumenti thanks to my #1 trading buddy Stuart.  In September of 2015, I had at least one of each card, but now I have all the variants too.

Ralphie is one of six cards that come with or without a "Traded" or "Optioned" statement on the back.  (Scan is not my actual copy.)  The others are listed below:

321 Bob Giallombardo "Optioned"
322 Harry Hanebrink "Traded"
336 Billy Loes "Traded"
362 Dolan Nichols "Optioned"
416 Haywood Sullivan (Circle around ©, period after U.S.A.)

And there are also three different Warren Spahns (#40) with different birthdates.

I'm not concerned with getting all the white and gray back pairs.  They occur from #199 to #286.  My set is a mixture.

I'm just satisfied with completing such a landmark set.  It's my first one in the 50's.  Next up is '57!


  1. You are quite welcome in my finding of Ralphie boy for you hopefully soon I can knock out not counting the Variants in the set but the last 5 from the 1967 Topps set if anyone can help me but owe GCA here some things just send them to him & he'll make sure that I get them just send him a note saying pass this along to your friend in Michigan for to complete his 1967 set. A little side note the Ted Abernathy is on his way to me via GCA for finding his Billy Loes card last year. Once again you are quite welcome GCA hoping your readers will help me out. Without further information here's what I need still in my 1967 Topps set not counting the Variants.

    1967 Topps:

    567-Steve Hamilton

    568-John Sullivan

    581-Mets Rookies (T.Seaver)

    597-Ted Abernathy

    600-Brooks Robinson

  2. Awesome. I don't have the patience for pursuing all those variations. Heck, it'll be an accomplishment if I ever finish the '08 Heritage set.

  3. Congrats! That's a fun set.

  4. Wow, completing a 50s set is indeed an impressive accomplishment.

    Topps adding a line about a player being sent down to the minors is almost adding insult to injury.

  5. Congrats on assimilating the '59 set! It's rectangular and technological distinctiveness will be added to your own!

  6. Neat! That's a pretty big accomplishment. What's the next closest vintage set to completion now?

    1. 1964 - Ten to go to completion, including the checklist variation and the league leader with and without the apostrophe.

  7. Very impressive, congrats! The '59 set has really grown on me over the years. I'm not be ambitious enough to collect it but I do like picking up singles here and there.