Friday, October 21, 2022

2nd COMC swap

Business was booming there for a while on my COMC stock.  Sales are up to 32 cards and $120 or so.  So I gathered another batch of stuff for my own collection to get sent back.

Actually, I gathered two batches of stuff.  One at home and one at work (while on phone duty).  Curious how you can sign in as the same person but pile up two cartloads that don't overlap at all.  I pulled the trigger on the one that was my vintage baseball players, and left the one that was my more modern football guys.  That batch disappeared after a few days.  I'll load 'em up again next time.  They were mostly base cards anyway.

What I did get this time was an eclectic mix (do I ever do it any other way?) of guys I collect from the 60's thru the 80's - either in minor league, or obscure issues, or very modern products.

Pardon my penny sleeves...

1980 TCMA Joe Coleman, 1989 Smittys/Toyota Grant Jackson, 1999 Multi-Ad Joe Ferguson (yep, the bearded catcher from the Dodgers & Astros), 1987 and '88 Bob Bailor, and a 1989 Smokey Bear A Century Of Dodger Greats Claude Osteen - obviously not a minor league card.

Went a little nuts with the Pete Richerts.  But there were just a bunch of his at my price level - less than $3 each.  1988 & '90 Cal League, 1990 and '91 Frank Chong, 1992 Modesto A's black & white, and finally, 1995 Edmonton Trappers.

Now some real oddballs (with apologies to John Mangini), I left the tag in the Fleer glossy Kingman, those Mother's Cookies are distinctive - this is the '86 flavor, along with a gold parallel of the Hometown Heroes Rivalry and a King B disc from 2001.  Three from Bud Harrelson, the 1999 Fleer SI Greats cover, and two from a set I'd never seen before - something called 1994 Spectrum The Miracle of the '69 Mets.  The brothers in the other Mother's ('89) and the '92 Dodgers DARE coaches represent both Manny Mota and the aforementioned Joe Ferguson.  These multi-guy ones go in the same binder, so I don't bother getting two. 

A quick pair of Jim Fregosi.  The 2001 HTA stamped card, and the permanently encased Danbury Mint 22K gold issue.  These apparently went from 1995 to 2001.  Jim is the last of my guys I was missing.

So many of my player collection dudes were managers!  Bowa here is very well known for it.  I like those Rookie Cups, but I'm glad I got the red & orange together, since they're hard to distinguish.  His red uni helps.  Another HTA 2003 Topps (I always want to say the burnt orange year is 2003...) and not the first oversize team issue card of his I own.

Going for the rainbow on these 2021 Topps Chrome Platinum Anniversary Luis Tiants, at least the affordable ones.  You have the base, refractor, X-fractor, and Aqua Wave versions.  As a bonus - or maybe more photo recycling on Topps' part, an Archives Snapshot to boot.

Now the fun stuff.  These aren't modern reprints, they're the real deals from 1977 and 1980+.  I'm now down to two of the orange series original Star Wars cards (plus one green), and still need a few of the Empire Strikes Back, but this checklist upgrade and two character cards are probably the toughest ones.

The rest of these will make you glad you read this far.  My favorite wrestler who I only really watched on the Divas show, Paige.  This is one of her hottest photos of all her cards IMO.  I think I had a parallel or two, but not the base.  

And continuing the theme of incredibly sexy women named Paige, we have the golfer/Instagram model Paige Spiranac (I believe it's pronounced "speer-AH-nek"?).  I posted about her first cards in the 2013 Allen & Ginter set.  These are much nicer.  The first two are the Goudey inserts on this 2021 Goodwin Champions set.  There are fourteen (!!) parallels to the Goudeys.  I just picked two that I thought were the prettiest.  I passed up three or four more that were still around a buck or two, but figured I'd wait on chasing the rainbow.  GC typically does two poses in their base set - vertical & horizontal, and here are the Royal Blue parallels of each, and the Platinum Rainbow of the vertical as well.  My favorite is the Splash Of Color, which is not an insert or parallel, but rather a subset of the base after #100.  I'll definitely be hunting the couple parallels of that one.  Rowwr!

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  1. Are you gonna try and do the Tiant autograph rainbow too?

    1. Probably only if I find a bunch of them cheap

  2. Wow. Something about the name "Paige".