Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Contributions To My Obsession

Good things are often worth the wait.

I love it when I get a trade package - especially when it's unexpected or unprovoked - and it contains certain cards that I've been especially looking for or have had to refuse because of demand or overpricing.

Got one of those from Adam at ArpSmith's Sportscard Obsession.

He led off conservatively with some '87s and a Five Tool insert.  Every little bit helps!  Especially with the high-hype names like these...

Then came in with some Heritage short prints.  Can't be overappreciated any time...

Hit me with some Bunt Blues - two of the most evasive names in the business, Trout and Da Hawpa!

But the peak was these 2014 Stadium Clubs.  The Ruth puts my base set down to two.  Another Harper, a die-cut Springer Future Stars, and three Beam Teams!  I can't really find base singles of this set, much less inserts.  This is farther down the road on this set than I've gotten in months.

Thanks again, Adam!

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arpsmith said...

Glad you liked them, I think I owed you a package from around the first of the year. Sorry it took so long!