Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Two Not-So-Pedestrian Trades That Came in Good Order

Running at full warp power here this week.  Stay tuned for consecutive posts!

Piling on to my Michigan haul last week were two packages in the mail.

I had sent a message to Tom from The Angels In Order that I had found some of his wants in my continuing quest to find collectors who need certain teams.  There are several teams that are much more numerous in my trade boxes than others, and the Angels are one of them.  I wasn't able to send Tom an 800 count box or anything, but did strike a few off for him.  In response, Tom sent me just as interesting an array of list hits.

From 1995 E-Motion, Boggs and Jeter.  I'm always glad to knock Jeter off of any want list.  He appears the most often.

Some of those Homerun Heroes from 1992 Upper Deck.  Yes, it is incredible that I still need things like these.  I saw some in Michigan, but didn't realize I had listed them.  Got a few anyway!

Four from 2007 Bowman Heritage.  These are really nice, especially since three of them are the "no facsimile auto" versions that are short prints.  And Travis Buck for the A's is really having a good time.

Two nice additions to 2009 Heritage.  These are short prints too, which all late additions to Heritage are....

And finally, a couple unrelated but appreciated finds.  Unmarked team card from 1977 football.  And a very rare retail-only insert to 2012 Archives - the 1982 style In Action of Cal Ripken.  Can't usually find those kinds of things to buy from a vendor, so trades are really the only way to go.  Thanks Tom!

Chris from The [Pedestrian] Collector had posted about women in sports and responded to my request to build up my Washington Capitals team collection.  He came through with a varied selection of Caps from every part of their history.

The one non DC player is a list hit from 2008-09 Upper Deck Young Guns.  The rest are the most current Caps from the Ovechkin era, plus a OPC Platinum Gartner.  It's always interesting to me that some of the old Caps stars really are regarded with the greats of the game.  I didn't watch the Caps consistently until about 2008, so I have little reference to the stars of earlier teams.

Now departed Semin, Green and 'enforcer' Brashears.  And Matt Bradley, who, according to my friend the Sal, would bleed for the team on command.

Now we step back a page to the blue, black and gold years.  Always nice to get a Starting Lineup card.

And we're back to when what now are the "throwback" uniforms were the regulars.  Love the Joly '76-77 card.  Made a bid on some vintage hockey that was closer to the mid 80's at one of the shops in Michigan, but they said that nice vintage hockey in bulk lots is highly desirable and commands a premium.  Is that true?  I see baseball and football from the early to mid 80's (and older) in big lots for cheap all the time, but is hockey really that rare in comparison?  Is it normal for what would be a 25-50 dollar 5000 count box of commons in baseball and football to be 200+ for hockey?  Could be true, I guess....

Anyway, Thanks Chris for bolstering the ranks of my Caps collection.  I will still look out for more women athletes to send you.

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Chris said...

Those are some cool cards from Tom. I had trouble telling Travis Buck and Eric Byrnes apart for awhile. E-motion was a very cool set, the Jeter is a really nice card.

I dont know a lot about Capitals history, but Garnter, Rod Langway, and Scott Stevens were great in the 80's. They had a heck of a power play in the early 90's with Kevin Hatcher and Al Iafrate, and of course Peter Bondra. My 4 year old daughter has worn out my Bondra SLU, but at least the card is in good shape.

After that '98 Eastern Championship team with Bondra, Oates, Sergei Gonchar, and Olie the Goalie I lost track of them... until Alex Ovechkin showed up. Now they're my second favorite team. (but omg are they frustrating the hell out of me!)

The Brashear card was a freebie from the Verizon Center; if you bought a pack of Upper Deck cards at the game they gave you the special Caps card of the month (I'm still searching for the Ovechkin from that arena-only set)

It does make sense to me that 80's hockey cards would cost a premium over baseball/football cards from the same years. Fewer hockey fans/collectors, fewer cards per set, and fewer cards produced overall. Plus there were some years where Topps didn't produce hockey cards at all, so all you had was OPC - which was pretty hard to get on this side of the border.

Thanks again for the Devils and women athletes cards. I'll write up a thank you post early next week as I'm in the process of completing one more trade.