Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Leading Ladies Of Sports Broadcasting #3

I don't watch a lot of college sports, so I didn't really know about Jenny Dell until she got a card in 2014 Allen & Ginter.  Then I caught her a couple times on the sidelines of my one favorite school game, Boise State.  Thought she was pretty, but she didn't quite register on my hottie scale until I looked her up for these posts.

She started out covering the Red Sox for NESN.  Then moved to CBS to do the NFL.  She was moved over to the top college broadcast team after that.

She married Red Sox third baseman Will Middlebrooks on Valentine's Day 2016.  Son, I know you play baseball, but ya out-kicked your coverage on this one.

It's always about the eyes.  At least primarily.  Your Passion Parallel....

For a Red Sox fan, she does look good in blue.

And now, a new parallel.  I'll show the ones for previous subjects later too.

Your Dark Desire parallel...

Girl is FIERCE.


Mark Hoyle said...

We had Jenny Dell on our local sports station for a while. Did side look me reporting at the Bosox games as well. Sad day when she left. Lucky Wil Middlebrooks

Collecting Cutch said...

Jenny is gorgeous. I did a post about her last October during my Show Pink Cards, Save The Boobies event.

Fuji said...

Wil is a very lucky man.