Friday, January 25, 2019

It IS Next Year, And Tom Keeps On Killin' 'Em!

Seems like every couple months I'm having to revise half of my prime want list because Tom at Waiting For Next Year sends me several targets.  Let me tell you, it's a good problem to have.

This go-round brought these singles home to their families (the rest of the cards in the set - at least in most cases.)

First one is Adam Jones at the All-Star Game in 2014.  It doesn't actually kill the whole Update set, since I still need a bunch of those World Series Heroes inserts, but it was the sole survivor of everything else.  A lot of non-Oriole orange going on here.

I figured this one was a long shot.  One of the most rare retail inserts in the decade.  2012 Archives had these 1982 In Action inserts.  Funny that Josh Hamilton was my last one and not Ichiro, Cal Ripken, or Clemente.  So glad to get this one either way.

This one isn't actually a set killer, but is the last of many of my player collections to appear in 2003 Yankee Signature Series by Upper Deck .  There are a whole other set of the actual autographs, of which I have a couple, but one of my top guys ended up being the most elusive in this case, until now.

Capping it off are the two (American) football WAGs from ProLine in the 90's.  Rohn Stark and Herschel Walker's respective love interests graced the final slot in my priority page.  Now they'll be replaced with someone much less aesthetically pleasing for sure.

This completes the assault on my wants ~ again.  It's like the third time in just over a year or so that Tom has tackled some major targets.  Kudos to you sir, for being such an awesome trader and hunting these down!


  1. Had to look up that Ichiro In Action card. It's flippin' awesome! Very cool insert set I knew nothing of.

  2. Glad I could give you an excuse to show some pretty girls.
    Have a great weekend!

  3. I wonder if they are still their love interests??!! Nice care package.