Monday, January 28, 2019

Mini Haul From Monthly Show

I've been doing so much buying lately that I almost felt guilty going to my local monthly show last Sunday.  Almost.  At least I only spent like $30.

Snagged these from a vendor I wasn't familiar with.  They were in rows marked $2 and $1 each.  Figured I might as well get Judge when I can.  The Fisk is a SP parallel (I have no idea how to tell) for my PC.

The bulk of what I got came from my favorite insert vendor.  He didn't have everything with him that he takes to the big shows, but I found a bunch that I needed.  Some Bo's for PC, and a couple Rookie Historys and a Coming Attraction for Stuart.  I wanted to start the Postseason Preeminences, but hadn't pulled any from packs.  Dove in the deep end since he had a big pile.  But not as big as the stacks of Storybook Endings and Don't Blinks.  Killed my wants in both of those (sorry Julie I didn't know!) and tacked on my first three blue parallel Hawpas.  Down to four PostPre's - 5 OSmith  7 BrooksR  11 Ruth  15 Koufax. 

And then it was Mini Mania!

Found one to kill the A&G Into The Unknown set from 2014, and then went wacky with 2018 A&Gs.  He had a big box of miscellaneous minis from several different years, and said there was a bigger box that he didn't bring.  I hope there are more of the retail inserts in there.  Looking forward to sifting through that later!  Also added to the Bo stack with the regular and A&G back versions.  Still need six Indigenous Heroes even after all those!

A couple hours after I got there, most of the dealers were packing up and I hit the road.


  1. great haul there! Although not a A&G fan, Indigenous Heroes were must haves. I bought a complete set.

    1. Agree with Julie. I'm a big fan of the Indigenous Heroes inserts. Nice haul.

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  3. A Beer Pong card? Cool!