Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Image Editing Déjà Vu

Just a quick midweek post on a pickup that was sort of part of a larger batch. 

Got this at my nearest local card shop, Primetime Sports, for a few dollars.  I don't actually have a regular set, but am almost done the red back version.  Never chased this thing actively, but since it was sitting there, I figured I might as well snag it.

I thought it was a bit ironic that I was scanning and cropping a card for this post that had already been photoshopped when it was created.  It's kinda like double editing.

It was a throw-in with the two empty monster boxes I showed up to get, plus (another!) batch of vintage baseball and football.  A larger volume of the type of thing I showed in the previous post, only a lot more football than baseball.  That post is coming soon.

Also in transit are several auction wins, running the gamut from astronauts, to Star Wars, to Bryce Harper, Redskins jerseys & autos, and a huge SportLots order with hockey and a lot of list hits.

Stay Tuned.  This is going to be the Loot Channel for a little while....


  1. Loot Channel. Sounds interesting.

  2. This card brings back memories. My most creative post I've ever written was based on this card. If you're bored, I encourage you to check out my Bush: