Monday, February 27, 2017

Heritage Selections and Companion Assimilations

Where have I seen that acronym before?  HSCA....

Brian from Highly Subjective and Completely Arbitrary sent an awesome trade package in response to my Junk Wax Gems last week.

Started off with a few 2016 inserts in the seemingly never ending quest to finish Topps master sets from the last few years.  I think by the time the National comes around, I may actually kill most of my wants from Topps flagship (except of course, this year), as far back as 2012.  I still need a few nagging inserts from all the way back then.  Anyway, a Gwynn and a coupla Itchy's (short for Ichiro)

The bulk of the package was Heritage.  Somehow with all the bulk trading I've been doing in the last couple years, I've begun almost all the Heritage sets.  I was confined to just my favorites before ('59 in 2008, '60 in 2009, '64 in 2013, '58 in 2007 and '65 in 2014 from the same case-break leftovers box purchase).  Now, I've got 2003, 2005, and theoretically the 2016 High Numbers set to finish (to go with the base set I'm allegedly getting from a friend) added to all that.
Brian contributed to the 2007s with what is usually one of the last ones I still lack, plus a hit to a pseudo-Heritage set, 2006 Topps 1952 Edition.
I always hear Jeter being announced by Bob Sheppard in my head - "Daa-Rack Jeetah!"

The rest of the contents were from 2003.  The '54 design is really great for seeing the current guys. Simple and colorful without being too flashy.

Call me psychic, but I think Brian has his dupes sorted by teams.  This is how they were stacked, but the set isn't "Fleer numbered".  

Much appreciated Brian!

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Brian said...

You are correct about sorting, I actually just recently finished sorting the bulk of my collection into boxes by team. I have some more of that heritage that you might need if you want to go for another round!
Thanks again for the trade.