Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Card Show assimilations - Feb 20

I was searching Saturday, and finally found the schedule for the monthly show over in Maugansville (near Hagerstown).  It's always on a Sunday, and it turned out that it was happening that next day.  So I made the 20+ minute drive and was there about an hour into the show.  There are usually about 15-20 vendors each time.

Here is my haul from about three hours work:

I spent the first hour or so at my favorite current set insert guy picking out all the Classics and Donruss football that you see on the left side.  He had just got big boxes of current football sets and inserts, so I went to town.  Crushed my remaining Classics Legends, including the Rod Woodson on top of the stack, which at one point I thought might be a short print since I had found the rest of what I needed, but had to wade through a row and a half before finally coming across ol' Rod.  Also pulled a few second copies of Bo Jackson for my PC.  Went through all the inserts and pared my lists down to the point that I could put names on them (and make the sifting easier next time)  Still ended up buying two duplicates in the pile.  (Lesson learned - always go through your pulls before paying).  Also killed most of my regular Donruss base set as you see in the twisted stack at top left.

Since the stock was basically untouched except that they were neatly sorted and labeled by the original buyer, I was able to pull the Redskins from most of the other products, which is nice.  Current Redskins are the hardest to manage since I only keep a Word document of what I have, and it isn't available on my phone.  I knew I was starting from almost nothing, so there were only a few dupes that came from these.  The most annoying were those Unparalleled that were dupes in a set that apparently has five or six flavors of the same few cards.  You can see the blue corner of the one I did need peeking out the bottom of the picture.

Since I knew I would see that dealer at the next major Chantilly show, I figured it was time to move on so I didn't spend the whole show at his table.  I stashed that big bag out in the car and then came back in to a dealer that gave me a good deal on some vintage football on my last trip.  Found out he actually lives in the same town I do.  Didn't actually get any vintage from him this time, but he had just bought a meticulously labeled collection of Michael Jordan.  MJ is one of those casual player collections that I've been working on if I happen to see them, and I found some good ones.  Most of them were marked as booking for $10 and selling for ?? (marked out).  When I picked out eight good ones, he asked ME what I thought the price should be.  I studied a while and then gave him a number, which he countered with a LOWER number, so I was happy.

So then I figured I should work on my '70 and '72 Topps sets that I had targeted for completion at the last National, but fell short.  There was a vendor that had a couple tables full of top-loadered discounted vintage up front.  I sat down and pulled up my list for the two baseball sets.  Found a few high numbers in both and even though I limited myself to ones that were $4 or less since my sets aren't high grade, I felt I had made progress.  Then I looked over and saw there was also a full range of football sets.  I switched over to my football list page and dove in.  I knew that late 70's and 80's stars were probably available cheap at the major shows, but figured these were marked low enough that I wouldn't be regretful.  OJ and Marino for 2.50?  Most others for a buck each?  Why not?!  SOLD!

By then it was about 1PM, and some of the vendors had started to pack up.  I had scoped out all the other vendors, and was done for the day.  (I got a few "guilty pleasure" cards in between the first stops that I'll show in another post).  I left satisfied and looking forward to next month's visit.  This show has been going on for years, but I have always struggled to get there until now.  I can finally make it a regular thing. 

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night owl said...

'77 Topps football jumped out at me. Just got some of those in the mail today. Probably going to have to put up a want list soon.