Thursday, February 23, 2017

Musical Interlude #4 - Back For More

Our next selection at WTCM radio is more along the lines of my current and enduring musical tastes. I've been a fan of hard rock and heavy metal since about 1983 when KISS took off their makeup.  I got that album (Lick It Up) and was amazed that music could sound that intense.  From there I branched out into most of the better "hair" bands.

This song is Back For More by RATT.  They, along with several of the most popular metal acts, are still performing to this day. At least, some incarnation of the original lineups are out there doing shows.  RATT is one of many bands whose members split into different incarnations operating under the band name.  Most recently, the estranged drummer, Bobby Blotzer, was running a band under the RATT name until a court decision awarded the "official" designation to the remaining members.  (All of them except the guitarist who tragically passed away in 2002).  They will now be able to perform under the name to the exclusion of all others.

Was going to put the original MTV video up here, but it's just too silly.  Though distant relative Milton Berle makes a cameo appearance at the end, his encore appearance to Round And Round.

So how do I relate this one to cards?  Simple.  The 2017s are out.  So many collectors are back for more set building!

I was thinking about just collecting the team sets for my local Orioles and Nationals and trying for all the parallels.  But I also want some of the insert sets, including the First Pitches, Five Tools, probably the retail Awards, MLB Network people, and maybe the 1987s and the Bowmans.   So it would be weird to have all that and just two teams of the base cards and a few parallels.

I was going to post about trading bulk lots of other stuff for my 2017 set, but I ended up going on another Target run and bought more hanger boxes, so I'm far enough into the base set that there's no turning back.  Hopefully, I can jump into the trading fray in my usual groups before they're all finished with their sets. 

If any of you are also still on the lean side of a complete set, comment below and we can set up a trade.  I have a few dupe inserts and, because of the often cited collation problems, have a stack of base to trade that is 2/3 as high as my set.


  1. Round and round was one of my favourites.

  2. I just discovered your site through a post by P-Town Tom and have the '14 SaberStats McCutchen card you need (#SST4) If you're interested in trading, you can contact me at cornellsteven5 at g mail dot com. I blog at