Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Swing and a Pop Star!

Saw a post by Bert on Swing and a Pop-up about him building a set of 2015 Panini Americana just after the first of the year.  I had picked up a few packs or so myself a while back and compiled a list too.  A rare endeavour into non-sports, mostly for the beautiful female stars...

He finally finished his set with some more packs he got recently.  And he sent me the bulk of my list as well.  Here are some highlights.

The lovely Eliza, and the Hogans.  What Hulk? No pulchritudinous Pythons?

Danica all grown up, Brad is a damn good actor, and Alexis I don't really know....yet.

Tiffani, always one of my favorites.  What can you say but Ice, Ice, baby...?  And the sneaky hot Laura from That Show I didn't watch.

Thanks Bert!  I'm down to #7 Aly Raisman (your last card), 28 Mary Eliz. Mastrantonio, 36 Taryn Manning, 37 Gabby Reece, and 44 Chris Jericho,   Any heroes out there?

Will probably check ebay and COMC for an auto or two from my favorite gals....I'll be sure to post whatever I get.  You know how I like to appreciate beauty on here.

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  1. I am also trying to complete this set, although I say "trying" in the laziest way possible. I think Swing is sending me some cards, too.