Saturday, February 25, 2017

Cardboard Assimilations - Feb 25

The Collective juggernaut kept on rolling again today.  They had a mall show in my home town.  This one rotates among malls throughout the area roughly along Interstate 81 between Hagerstown, MD and Harrisburg, PA every other week.  Just like last week's monthly show, (and from some of the same dealers), I dropped some more cash on cards.  I really gotta slow down.

Here's my haul from this time.  (Picture is lousy).

Knocked off some 1972s, a few player collection Hostess, a Ryan/Seaver insert from 2005, an A-Rod SP from Piece Of History, my 2003 base set and a Ryan insert, a couple Priest Holmes, Bo Jacksons, a few oddball football, some 2016 Topps baseball inserts, and some miscellaneous Redskins.

Here's a better look at the '72s.  The dealer had just bought a binder with some early '70s in it and I picked out the better part of the '72s.  I got several of the 550+ numbers from the first dealer I went to for $4 each (or less).  This guy had the Cey RC (Night Owl just went "whoop-whoop!") which is nicer than most of my set, The Reggie was in his regular stock - not bad for ten bucks.  The Bonds is creased through his head, but it won't show in a binder ($1).  Wilhelm has some bad corners, but is fine otherwise.  Looks like he and Cey were low book at $10 each.  Blair was like eight because he is almost pristine.  Alston is way o/c but for a buck I'll put him in for now.

You see also the Fisk (2.50) and two Sparky Lyle Hostess (50¢ each) and the second copies of a few 1980s to upgrade my checklists and replace my PC guys.

The last guy I bought from had boxes marked 8/$5, 10 15 for $5 and a table marked 4/$10.  He discounted from that as well.  The two Priest Holmes, and Bo Jackson, plus the other football were from the 15/$5 bos, which I pulled a total of 17 cards from.  The Donruss football rookies (top fan) completes my rookies, and the Rated Rookies (gray) knocked them basically in half.  I passed on the Dak & Zeke for now.  Still bought two of the Rated Rookies in duplicate.  Anyone need Ricardo Louis or Austin Hooper?

Best way to spend a Saturday when it's storming outside that I can think of.  At least that you can discuss on a family show....

I plan on posting some trade bait soon.  Stuff that I have that I know someone out there is looking for, but doesn't show up on a dealer table or online shop very often.

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