Friday, February 17, 2017

Libera Fortitudo Expleto!

That's a very literal Latin translation of "Deliver Treasure (of) Completion" which is what happened today when I opened a package from P-Town Tom of the Latin-inspired Eamus Catuli! blog.

Tom killed four of my sets!  Three of which were on my Priorities page:

Gone are my 1996 Topps set - on the second try.  I had listed the card next to Morris and then figured it out when I got another one and went to put it away.  Collected 95% of the set from a dealer in Michigan and then the last few in trades.
Beckett completes my "master set" of 2011 Topps that includes the ToppsTown inserts, along with 60YOTs, Before There Was Topps, CMGs, Diamond Duos, History Of Topps, Kimballs, Prime 9s (except for the week 7 card from packs), and Topps 60's from all series.
Hunter kills the 1998 Donruss except for some Dominators and a few other inserts.

Also gone is the 1993 Donruss set.  No, I haven't been working on it since 1993.  I started it last year or so when I got a bulk lot in trade.  A bunch of these sat in my dupes boxes for years, but I always kinda liked them.  Finally got 'em all.  It's a big set.

The two Yankee superstars complete the base cards, but there are still the better part of those Trio Prospect shortprints lacking in my 2005 Fleer Traditions.  Such a simple design, but a real pretty set. Mr. Jeter is always a tough one to pull or find.

... but Tom came through with him twice!  These were the first two cards in my 2002 list.  There are four left - one of those Bonds home runs (73 varieties), Griffey, A-Rod, and Pujols ROY.

Down under a dozen on these 2009 O-Pee-Chee black parallels.  The one-per-packers match the regular set that I've already finished.  Inserts too.  Really liked these when they came out.  Like 2016 Bunt, a simple product with a little throwback flavor and old school card stock.  Righteous!

And finally, these are the backs of 2007 Opening Day puzzle cards, because the fronts don't make any sense unless you can see the complete picture.  Was never sure why they put a player on the back of these, but I guess it makes it more interesting.  I finished the OD set for '07 first because I liked the white borders better than the black.  Currently I'm also working on the red number set as well.  May never get one of the regular base ones.  Wouldn't it be nice to be able to finish a parallel set as easy as it is for those?  Not gonna happen any time soon.

But I think I might try just the two team sets for my local favorites.  Got these two golds and a foil to close out the package.  Still debating about doing the whole set or just the O's/Nats.

So thanks to Tom (again) for a great trade.  I tried to find some bonus stuff to add to the Pacifics.  Hope you can use them.


P-town Tom said...

Glad you were happy with the return. Thanks for being patient!

Julie Owens said...

My 93 Donruss nightmare. Just can't get away from those cards. I look back on them now and think - such a simple and clean design. After opening box after box, I have few left in my collection. Tom did a great job here!