Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Musical Interlude #2 - Pimp-tastic Players

Here's another song from the early 80's that was really popular at the time.  I won't say it was a favorite, necessarily, but in the interest of variety, it was cool.  Morris Day and the Time fell well outside my musical wheelhouse back then, but they were fun to watch.  Day was a badass pimp with the best of them.  And he hung out with Prince.  Which makes a nice segue from Musical Interlude #1, since His Purple Badness wrote a few songs for Miss Sheena Easton too.

Anyway, take it away Morris Day.  Dude is a slickster.  I would be too if I was trying to woo Apollonia....

There have been many lists and articles about who are the pimpingest (is that a word?) ball players through the years.  I found a few photos online of some of them.

Babe Ruth.  The original.

Dick Allen

Dave Parker....

... and the boys.

Al Hrabosky, the Mad Hungarian

Some of the guys I collect...

George Foster.  Gotta be the sideburns.

 Luis Tiant.  Coolness Maximus.

 Manny Sanguillen

Joe Torre as manager of the Braves.

Manny Mota

A lot of these guys are like pitbulls.  They'll give you that intimidating stare, but they're really nice guys.  It's really all about the look, retro sideburns, maybe a 'stache, and the dangerous expression on thier faces.  Smoking seems to add to the mystique too.

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