Friday, August 10, 2018

High Dollar Duplicate

Though it wasn't as bad as usual, I still ended up with a few dupes after my week long staycation and shop & show tour.

I'm not sure how it happened for this particular card, but it was probably because I had this one in my star binder instead of with the set.  Since it's a combo card and doesn't have a team name up top, I must have missed it when scanning through the binder to account for the rest of the stars for my '64 set.

Anyway, I paid like $50 for it.  It's not centered very well, but is nice otherwise.

Who wants to trade me some major vintage for it?  Would love to do a big star card or group of lesser value stars, but I'll take any combination that equals around what I paid for it.  Not talking book value here, but a reasonable cost comparison.


  1. Sweet card! I'm sure you'll find someone who'll end up trading for it.

  2. Hmm.. I still need it for my '64 set, but not sure I can scrounge up a good enough return for ya.

  3. Need any 71 high numbers?

  4. Nope, sorry. Killed that set around 2016 or so.