Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Another Vintage Set Almost Done!

OK, I'm cheating a little bit, because the set I'm talking about is only 67 cards.

#55 "Smoky" Burgess is the last card I need for the 1963 Fleer set.  When I started seeing singles available for this set, I didn't think I'd be able to find all the stars at decent prices, and most of all, the SP non-numbered checklist was bound to be a white whale for a long time.

Well, turns out that's not the case! 

My man Jay and his brother Marv have helped me kill the last couple vintage sets that I've built.  Especially my 1960 Topps, and now Jay has narrowed '63 Fleer to one.  Six of the remaining needs arrived from Michigan today. 

These guys are everything you'd ever want out of a good card dealer.  Quality cards at good prices, and excellent service every time.

And above all that, when I met them in person a while ago, it didn't take long until I felt like I'd known them for years.  Couple of warm and friendly guys that know their vintage cards and always have beautiful stuff at prices usually below what I expect to pay.  Go see them at their regular setup at the Redford monthly show if you're in the Detroit area.

Here's the Fleers....

Cards #1 and 2 of the set feature a couple Orioles.  This set's centering is all over the place, but these are pretty decent.  Tommy Davis is happy to be here.  He may get upgraded at some point.

A real nice Bobby Richardson.  Sharp and well centered.  Exactly what you look for in this set, and typical of what Marv and Jay offer.

Actually one of the big guns in this set, Adcock's card was swapped out of the sheets to make room for the checklist, so he was short printed too.  This one was freed from its plastic grading prison, and I got a good deal compared to other vendors at the same grade.

And finally, the white whale.  The short printed checklist.  Commands three digits even in this condition, which is o/c and has a crease down the length of the player cartoon.  I'm just glad to find one unmarked.

Thanks guys!  I'll be along soon with the next vintage list for ya.  Just let me get all this new stuff put away first!


  1. Congratulations on the imminent completion of this set!

    That's a great checklist. I love the cartoon, and I love that they call it "player roster".

  2. One of my favorite sets for sure. I was a fun chase. Congrats on almost ending yours. Smokey will pop up before you know it. I have some dupes but he's not one of them I'm afraid.

  3. Congratulations! Having dealers who are friendly, trustworthy, and have good prices is an excellent combination. Glad you have one that can help you with your vintage sets.