Tuesday, January 24, 2017

2016 Passion Sidelines Connections Odell Beckham, Jr.

The latest addition to my custom memorabilia cards is the 2016 Passion Beckham/Net Sidelines Connections dual relic.  Card contains game worn jersey patch swatch and snippet of kicking net twine.

 I started with the 2016 Prestige Connections Eli/Odell, at least the team logo, bottom bar, and Prestige logo.

Combined that with net relic from a hockey card, the nameplate from a "Sidelines" card of OBJ, and a patch swatch from another year.

Had to modify the Prestige logo of course, and add a heart from a Google search.  Creating the "o" was the tough part, though the "a" and "n" were scratch-made too.


The "Sidelines" is also pieced together from the "Connections" letters, and then placed over them in the upper flipped copy.  Manufactured "D" and "L" as well.

Future subjects may include Chad Johnson (cheerleader proposal) and Joe Namath (with Suzy Kolber).  

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