Saturday, January 14, 2017

Rickey says Rickey is just getting started

Started a trade recently with Adam of Arpsmith's Sportscard Obsession when I saw him post about breaking boxes of 2013 Hometown Heroes.  He ended up with some parallels of a couple of my player collection guys, so I inquired...

I got all three of these parallels, plus a bonus:

A really nice Topps Chrome "Blue Wave" Alfred Morris auto.

My Redskins team collection is substantial, but takes a back seat to set building and player collections most of the time.  Even though I've got a nice catalog of pretty much everything there is for the team, (which I bought many years ago) it's still tough to sit down and flip back and forth in that list to check every card if there's more than a handful in front of me.  And with the sheer number of parallels, gamers and autographs out there in the last few years, I just pick them up as they come along, but don't expend a lot of cash and energy pursuing them.  So this was a nice bonus.

So what to send in return?

I figured Adam would need a bunch of HHeroes inserts at least, and I may get lucky and he'd be missing a few last base cards.  Or barring that, I could hit some of his extensive SF Giants needs.

This proved very tough initially, as his HH needs are most plentiful for the tougher parallels of his player collection guys.  So I ended up with one whole card for those.  Then I scoured through the Giants a little, but was kinda frustrated then too.  So I moved on to the player collections.  I went through and found a few Rickey Hendersons that sounded reasonably "gettable" and checked them on COMC.  I've been ordering cards like I just won the lottery lately, so I added several of my player guys' more obscure issues to fill out a cart and placed the order. 'Cause you can't just order a few at a time, right?...

Then Adam posts later about updating his wants for several modern sets.  I saw a few that I knew were in my tradeables box and started looking them up.  I found a few on one set, then another, then a few more, and pretty soon I had a decent stack going.  So what started as a desperation buy with no other return fire bloomed into a pretty decent trade.

The Rickeys (and the rest of my COMC order) showed up today, so I'll be packing and sending it all out...probably early next week, since it's going to be snow, sleet and ice tomorrow and then the holiday as well.

Rickey says "Here comes Rickey!"

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