Monday, January 30, 2017

Another Epic Mailday

Have been out sick a few days, so I couldn't keep up my posting pace.  But this past weekend I hopefully will build up a multi-post buffer.  We'll see...

Anyway, my main trading guy (BseballCommish75 on SCF) had been telling me he was getting some stuff from a guy named Lee on that forum.  Lee had also offered a bulk box of extra stuff that he was trying to get rid of to gain space.  Commish didn't need it, but recommended that he send it to me.

Here's what I got this past Thursday:

When I come home each evening, I always glance at my front step in the hopes that there will be a huge box of cards waiting for me.  This time it really happened!  (Sort of, I was home and I actually met the UPS guy at the door).

I opened it up and saw this:

Those markings were accurate!  Starter sets of 1992 Upper Deck, 1993 Classic Best minors, 1993 Topps, 1994 Collector's Choice, 1994 Upper Deck, 1996 Coll. Choice, 1997 Upper Deck, 1998 CC and 1999 Topps.  Was glad it wasn't a whole box of 1991 Score or '89 Topps, anyway....

These were all 800 count boxes, some full, some not, but they were all exactly what they said.  Most of the starters were Series 2, with a few exceptions.

I had some of the sets already.  1992 UD, 1993 Topps, 1994 CC.  So those are available for trade.

A few years ago I completed the 1994 Upper Deck Electric Diamond parallel set, but didn't do the regular until now.  The Classic Best minor league set is nice, so I'll keep that.  There are about 120 dupes available.  I just traded for a complete 1992 UD set, so the chunk of #401-700+ is up for grabs too.  The 1999 Topps is really just a chunk from #364 to the end, so I will probably make a set with that, but after I took one of each from there, the remaining stack was still taller.  

So to summarize, here's what you can make me offers for:

1992 UD - #401+
1993 Classic Best minors - (about 120 dupes 1-300)
1993 Topps - (mostly Series 2 - multiple starters)
1994 Coll. Choice - (mostly Series 1 - multiple starters)
1994 Upper Deck - (about 140 dupes, mostly Series 2)
1996 Coll. Choice - (about 275 dupes, mostly Series 2)
1997 Upper Deck - (about 400 dupes, mostly Series 2)
1998 Coll. Choice - (about 375 dupes, mostly Series 1)  Update - actually Ser 1!
1999 Topps - (about 200 dupes, from #364 on)

if you'd like to make a trade, check my wants here to see all I'm looking for with these and everything else.  Email me at QAPLAGCA at yahoo dot com.

Also in the box was this funky five-slot display box with what appears to be the eclectic mix of junk wax and newer cards still inside.  Not sure what you would use this for, but it might work for collecting insert sets before you sheet up a master set or small sets that aren't big enough for their own box by themselves.  If anyone must have it, let me know.  It says it holds 800, but that sounds ambitious....

Thanks again to Lee for needing to clear space!

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