Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Federation Starship COMC-1701

I named this blog after the Borg race from Star Trek: The Next Generation.  It also kinda fit the card hobby.  My initial vision was that I would write everything as if you were hearing it from the Borg themselves.  But I quickly threw that out the window to allow myself to express my views and relate my collecting experiences much more easily.  (And without my Geek meter running in the red all the time.)

As part of my recent COMC order, I picked up these chase cards from the 1993 Skybox Master Series Star Trek set.  These are the Spectra cards, or at least four out of five.  The missing one is #3 Navigating the Asteroid field and is from a different artist than these four.  That one was too expensive for me to pull the trigger.  The ones I did get were much cheaper than when they first came out (and I didn't pull any).

The Spectra "effect" is really quite remarkable.  I'm not sure if Skybox or anybody else made sports cards with this technology.  With all the different effects at that time like Dufex, etc. I'm surprised I don't know about more products that use Spectra.

Here's how they look when tilted to the light.  See how different areas glow?

Here's a closeup of one of the cards taken at different angles.  This is the same card!  
I'd really like to be able to show them as an animated pair over top of each other, but I don't think my template will allow it.  

Here's a rough example of the effect.  The photography isn't great.  My unsteady hand and the penny sleeves combine for a bit of fuzzyness.  The middle image is actually a scan....

These are just too cool.  #ResistanceIsFutile.


  1. Those are wonderful! I can't think of any baseball sets that made use of the Spectra technology and that's a darn shame. Nice gets!

  2. I completely agree with Tony regarding the wonderfulness of these cards! I don't know if it's the same "Spectra" technology or not, but the 1994-95 Topps basketball set had Spectralight parallels, they had them on the baseball side too... but I can't remember what they called them. And if memory serves, Skybox had a Superman set out in the mid 90's with an insert that I think was called Spectra-etch.